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You are one-click-away from creating the online store that will grow your business

Every day, millions of people shop online. If you are not making your products accessible online, you are losing money that could otherwise improve your business.

Creating an eCommerce platform can be difficult. Especially if you do not have the experience needed to make it a seamless process for your customers

It used to be difficult. With Shoppiko, creating an eCommerce platform takes only a few clicks.

To get started with Shoppiko, click the button below to claim your free trial. Then, all you need to do is select a theme and add your products.

Make more sales with an eCommerce platform created with you in intelligent mind

Your eCommerce platform is as important as the products you sell. If you already have an online store or marketplace but aren't getting the sales that you should, maybe your eCommerce platform is to blame.

Shoppiko was created to solve those problems. Our platform is optimized to ensure maximum conversions—regardless of the products you sell.

Create your store, the way you want it to be
With Shoppiko's fully customizable templates, you will be able to maintain your store's branding while incorporating personalized features that your customers will love.

Enjoy the ease of having everything in one place
Say goodbye to dozens of plugins and updates to different parts of your store. Shoppiko is a total eCommerce solution that includes every tool you need to run a successful online store.

Sell to people all over the world
Shoppiko equips you to accept orders from people outside of India, in any timezone and at any time of the day. This is the upgrade that your business needs.

Start Online Store
Start Online Store

Manage your store on the go with our Mobile App

Managing your online store is as simple as picking up your smartphone, and can be done from anywhere at any time.

Our mobile app allows you to manage everything. From orders, products and abandoned carts, to categories, customers and even your store settings.

Get instant notifications about your store right on your phone.

The only thing missing is YOU!

Build Long Lasting Relationships With Customers

Shoppiko’s simple, yet powerful tools encourage customer engagement and success for your business

Customer Profile

Next generation customer CRM to manage all your customer data in one place, get them well organized.

Reward Points

Let your customers rewarded with the on going orders and inspire them to keep using your brand regularly.

Promotions & Offers

Personalize Your Promotions, Make your loyal customers happy with personalize shopping deals & offers.

Feedback System

Easy to use Customer Feedback System, learn more & more from your customers shopping experiences and feedbacks.

Store Wallet

Dedicated store wallet to build up professional brand & let your customer have their own wallet to manage balances.

Customer Analytics

Smart Analytics to learn more about your customers, their browsing pattern, shopping patterns and experiences.

Smart eCommerce Features for Your Online Store

Everything That One Needs To Sell Online

Impressive Features for Your Store Front

Simplified Features to Manage Your Store

Now Create Your Online Business Instantly

Blazing fast, you can start your eCommerce Store, Marketplace in just few minutes.

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Thats It! Your Store is Live!

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