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eCommerce Solutions for Your Bags

Your bag store is loaded with all the latest releases, and you have everything on track. The only thing you don’t have right now is the platform where you can generate more sales. What you need is an eCommerce solutions provider. There are a lot of gains you can draw from opening an eCommerce store for advertising and marketing your bags. These solutions are designed to suit your needs and give you plentiful benefits. eCommerce platforms are in no short supply. But to get the best solutions for your online bag store, Shoppiko is the destination for you. Shoppiko has all the solutions your bag store is ever going to need. We’ll make doubly sure that your merchandise continues generating more sales.


Why Choose Shoppiko?

There are a wide range of solutions that are needed by your bag store. These solutions vary, and are suited to meet your needs. There are a lot of reasons why you should select Shoppiko. Here are some of the reasons to help you make an informed choice. 


Some solutions we provide

SMS/Email Campaigning:

The importance of SMS/Emails in eCommerce marketing cannot be understated. These mail services are used to direct traffic to your site using the simplest form of digital advertising. Your products will be shared to a wide audience who have preference for such items. If you’re a start-up, this is a quick way to generate traffic to your site. Also, this campaign is built to target a specific range of customers. This means that someone is surely going to buy something in your bag store through the advert.

Customer/Product Segmentation:

This is another solution to help your eCommerce business gain more traction on the market. Product segmentation helps you get the right products to the intended consumer with ease. This results in more accurate transactions which guarantee more profits for your business. 


Customers on eCommerce platforms love promos and may go somewhere else if you don’t offer one every now and then. These promos are targeted at customer retention and should be taken seriously. Getting your customers a good promo regularly can be possible with the help of Shoppiko. We can provide advice and support on how to set up a promo period. The bag store is sure to get more customers purchasing your products.

Secure Shopping:

Your eCommerce store will not be complete if it doesn’t have enough security. Customer security is one of the most debated topics in the digital marketing space. The eCommerce solutions provider you need for the most secure shopping experience for your customers is at your disposal. Shoppiko has the capacity to create the best, secured platform for your shoppers to make sure issues such as fraud or theft are avoided. 


Shoppiko is the eCommerce solution your bag store needs. The best solutions to make sure your products are marketed and sold at the best price is available. We deliver the best services as promised. We will also ensure that you and your customers are safe from any third-party intrusion. 

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Features That Come Standard With Shoppiko

What others charge extra for, Shoppiko includes everything for everyone
  • Mobile-Ready Storefront Themes
  • Total Design Control
  • Feature Rich Modules
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Reward Points
  • Store Wallet
  • User-Friendly Checkout
  • Order Tracking & Returns
  • Advanced Customer Account
  • Full Blogging Platform
  • Smart Sales Management
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Built-in Marketing
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Inbuilt Payment Options
  • Inbuilt Shipping Options
  • Advanced Reports
  • Email/SMS Campaigning
  • Inventory Manager
  • Customer/Product Segmentation
  • ZERO Set-Up Fees
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Custom Domain Name
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Robust eCommerce CMS
  • Advanced SEO
  • Different Currencies
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Tech Support
And Many Many More to Keep Your Business Growing

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