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eCommerce Solutions for Your Gift Shop

We at Shoppiko know the current situation of eCommerce checkouts and management. Most of the sites don’t optimize perfect and which leads your business toward decreasing sales. That is why a solution is required to give gift shop merchants an opportunity to stay a step ahead from competitors. Our unique e-gifting solution helps you to eliminate barriers and increase conversion that eventually creates excellent incremental sales.

Do you have an e-gift shop? Do you have the products to create special social connections for your customers? It is a special thing to have a gift shop. Gift shops mostly get their sales through emotional purchases. As an owner of a gift shop, you may wonder what you need alongside your electronic commerce platform to drive sales. 

Shoppiko has the best solutions to ensure your eCommerce business gets the maximum profits. We can get the items in your gift shop to attract more consumers. We know that getting more consumer attention is the dream of every small business owner. The solutions we provide are numerous but we have some selected for you. These solutions will make your gift shop grow in a considerablyshort time. 

Lead generation: 

It may be an uphill task to generate the best leads for your gift shop. These leads give your business a competitive edge over other ecommerce platforms in your niche. With the best lead generation, your e-gift shop will thrive. This is why you should trust Shoppiko. Shoppiko provides you the best information that will keep your business ahead of the competition all the time.

User-Friendly Checkout: 

Getting a user-friendly checkout system may not seem too important to some e- shop owners. But in eCommerce, any successful business must have a good checkout system. This is what makes your customers retain their selected items whenever they visit your store. This service can be adequately provided by Shoppiko, the number one eCommerce solutions. 

Loyalty system: 

The loyalty system is a relatively novel part of the eCommerce system. This feature ensures that your customers will always return. Loyalty points can be earned from transactions on your store. These points can be used to receive discounts on your future purchases or receive bonuses. Shoppiko can get you a good loyalty system for your gift shop. This makes sure your customers come back for more. 

Product research:

New products are manufactured every day for every niche market. Gift items may be sourced for your small business from much larger online stores. This may be an option if you don’t produce the gift items yourself. This is why it is important to get an experienced eCommerce solutions provider for your business. This will make it much easier for the products in your market to be researched. When you favour any of these products for addition to your e-gift shop, it is very easy to get them added. This means that your store will always have the best products on sale. This makes sure you can satisfy your customers every time. 


Your gift shop is destined to flourish when you have the best eCommerce solutions provider by you. Shoppiko has extensive knowledge of the eCommerce market. This is a guarantee that you’ll get the best possible support service to grow your online gift shop. Get in contact with us today, and make your gift shop receive never-before-seen customer attention.


Create a place for people to buy gifts online by choosing your platform as the only solution. 


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Features That Come Standard With Shoppiko

What others charge extra for, Shoppiko includes everything for everyone
  • Mobile-Ready Storefront Themes
  • Total Design Control
  • Feature Rich Modules
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Reward Points
  • Store Wallet
  • User-Friendly Checkout
  • Order Tracking & Returns
  • Advanced Customer Account
  • Full Blogging Platform
  • Smart Sales Management
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Built-in Marketing
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Inbuilt Payment Options
  • Inbuilt Shipping Options
  • Advanced Reports
  • Email/SMS Campaigning
  • Inventory Manager
  • Customer/Product Segmentation
  • ZERO Set-Up Fees
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Custom Domain Name
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Robust eCommerce CMS
  • Advanced SEO
  • Different Currencies
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Tech Support
And Many Many More to Keep Your Business Growing

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