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Calculating your business’ profit margin is an important factor in business. It helps you watch how you spend the income and also plan the business. If you are not able to keep record of your business’ performance, you may not be able to grow it. To save you time and get accurate results, a calculator was developed. This is a calculator to be used not only in eCommerce but also physical businesses. Online businesses are taking course. Staying focused to the growth and success of your business is vital. The competition is intensifying in the eCommerce world. Paying attention to details is going to grow your business. Using a profit margin calculator is one of the details to consider.

What is profit margin?

This is the percentage you get after dividing profit to revenue and then multiplied by 100. This is because profit margin is expressed in percentage. It is a measure of your business’ rate of profitability.

Benefits of a profit margin calculator

It is easy to use. Mathematics is not a darling to everyone. Many people are entrepreneurs but they don’t like mathematics. They will hire people to do all the calculations, meaning an extra cost. This calculator is easy to use and saves you money.

It gives three results. This calculator is versatile. It will give you three different results, that is, the gross margin, the profit and selling price. This means you get to know how to price your products.

Requirements for this calculator

You will need two things to get the desired results. The first one is the cost of your items. How much did it cost you to manufacture or outsource the products? The other thing is percentage markup. This is the percentage difference between the selling price and the initial cost. It is the percentage profit you would like to make out of your business. These are the only requirements to calculate the profit margin.

How to calculate profit margin

You do not have to scratch your head and bit your fingernails as you try to work out the mathematics. Do you know the cost of your products? Do you know the desired markup? Then it is simple. Search for profit margin calculator on the internet and enter these details. The calculator will do all the calculations for you. The human method to calculate profit margin is time consuming and prone to mistakes.


This calculator is available to use for free. You can use it from the site or download it to your device. Either way, you will get efficient results. Getting into ecommerce is no longer overwhelming. Concentrate on the success of your business knowing that the calculations are accurate. It is not too late to start using this calculator. Perhaps you didn’t know about it when you were getting started, but now you know. You can take full advantage of it and know a lot apart from profit margin. You will know about the selling price and the profit.

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