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Calculate discount amounts for your store and products. Customers love discount on products

Store Wide Promotion/Discount Calculator

Store Wide Promotion/Discount Value


Product Wise Promotion/Discount Calculator

Product Wise Promotion/Discount Value


Promotion/Discount Calculators

Customers love discount on products. Some of them do not want to know whether you are making profit or not. As an online business operator you should be logical. Sometimes you can be more than logical. Do not offer promotions and discounts if you are going to make losses. You need to do some mathematics. This calculator helps you arrive at reasonable promotion values and discounts. You should not offer discounts blindly because it is festive season. Some people will offer discounts because everyone is doing it. Did you get into ecommerce because everyone did? Other people will look at the prices and decide to reduce according to their thinking. This kind of approach is wrong. Be a business person if you want to maximize profit. Under this tool, you will find two elements.

Store Wide Promotion and Discount Calculator

This is one of the elements to be found under the promotion discount calculator. It is not a must that all store should have similar discounts. Using this sub tool, you will be able to calculate the discount and promotion to give. Maybe you have stores over the continent, but some are performing better. The discount amount to be offered in India doesn’t have to be the same as Nigeria. Every store has different performance. This could be because of the location, services to them or any other factor.

Product Wise Promotion and Discount Calculator

As an online business operator, you sell different products. Some products have high demand than others. This should be a guide to offering discounts and promotions.

Details necessary for the calculation

Starting with store wide promotion and discount calculator, three details are needed. You will enter average order value, margin and cost per conversion. To calculate average order, dived the margin by 100 and subtract cost per conversion. Three details will be needed under product wise promotion and discount calculator. They include product price, margin and cost per conversion.

Importance of using promotion and discount calculator

It gives double results. You will estimate both store wide and product wise promotion and discount. All the details are easy to calculate using other tools offered by the calculator. This calculator is versatile and allows you to calculate two things.

It saves time. Making calculations using this tool is time saving and gives accurate data. There is a lot of time to be spared by using this calculator. Its significance is important and cannot be overlooked.


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced ecommerce business operator, this tool is for you. It has great value to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

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