Shipping Charge Calculator

Calculate shipping charges you can charge to your customers for your online store

Shipping Charge


Shipping Charge Calculator

Your business is conducted online. Clients compare products from your site and add them to the cart. But that cart is virtual and the products on the site are an advertisement. The real products are in the store or you will have to source them. Either way, charges will be incurred to transport the products to the client. Do you have to do all the calculations manually? Will you be able to follow all the steps involved? This is why a shipping charge calculator is here.

Requirements to calculate shipping charges

This calculator will require you to enter three details. These requirements are carrier charges, packaging cost and any other cost. Any other cost has nothing to do with the cost of the products. Any other cost is extra cost related to packaging and transportation. If there are no other cost, enter zero.

How to calculate shipping charges

This calculator is on the internet. Search for shipping charge calculator on the internet. Enter the three details on the spaces provided. The carrier charges, packaging cost and any other cost incurred in the process. Once you enter the details, click the calculate option. On your right, the shipping charges will be displayed in visible and clear digits.

Benefits of a shipping charges calculator

Shipping charges are determined by the distance from the store to the customer. One benefit of calculating shipping charges is that you make a good decision. There are many carrier services in the market. Choosing the most affordable and convenient is important. Some ecommerce business owners impose shipping charges on the customer. If you do not calculate them properly, you might end up losing customer.

It is simple to use and very accurate. The final answer you get is very accurate. You can also countercheck the details you enter. After clicking the calculate option, the details you entered are kept. Therefore, you can make reference and ensure that it is correct.

Factors to consider when calculating shipping charges

Speed. Some customers may overlook the cost of shipping because of delivery speed. Some customers will prefer to pay more and get their orders fast. As a seller, you should consider speed. Ensure that the carrier service you opt for is fast and not very expensive.

Reliability and convenience. To complement speed, your shipping method should be readily available to make deliveries. Fast, reliable and convenient carriers are a bit higher. If you under charge the shipping, you might end up making loses. Overcharging can see you lose customers as well. This calculator will help you make favorable charges.


Taking what technology is giving to us is beneficial, especially when we use it correctly. A shipping charges calculator is an efficient and effective tool to use in ecommerce. It makes it easy for you to be accurate in your calculations. Instead of having to use a piece of paper and a pen, this is the best option. It is easily accessible any time from any location.

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