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Startup Loan Calculator

What happens if you take more than you can pay? Banks and money lenders will give you loans to start your business. Are you optimistic the business will thrive and you will repay the loan? Do not do guess work. Do not take that loan without making calculations. It is okay to apply for a loan if you do not have enough capital. But it is not okay to take more than you can pay or less than your business needs.

What makes this calculator unique?

It is the most versatile calculator I have seen. Do you know of any other calculator that can give four different results simultaneously? This calculator will give you the following results, monthly installment, monthly interest payment, total interest payment and total repayment. Magnificent, right? No steps involved and no pen and paper. You do not need to go to the bank or any money lender to get this. As long as you know the interest your lender charges, you can prepare yourself earlier.

Benefits of using a startup loan calculator

You are able to know the total amount to pay back. This calculator tells you the monthly installment you are supposed to make. Any amount of money to a business person is very important. Knowing about all the money to repay to your lender before even starting your business is good. It will keep you focused knowing that you have a loan to take care of. It helps you limit yourself. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed. You can even decide to take a higher amount and spend some in other activities. This is because you do not know the amount to pay back. And that interest will serve as a good lesson. Why go through that? Know the expected amount to pay and limit yourself. Large figures will keep you away from applying for a large amount.

Factors necessary to make the calculation

This calculator generates four results by filling three fields. Loan amount, interest rate and length of term is all that is needed. Simple, right? I did not believe it myself and after testing it, I decided to tell you about it.

What is startup loan?

Have you ever heard someone talking of starting a business? Did they have enough capital to start that business? If no, how did they make it? Borrowing. It can be from a bank or a private money lending company. Friends can be lenders as well. The money acquired through borrowing to start a business is startup loan. You need it to startup a business. You will pay and the interested agreed on.


Startup loan is a lifesaver when you want to start your ecommerce business. But you need to take some precautions to be on the safer side. The results generated by this calculator should help you make a good decision. If you are genuine and act according to the result, your business will be successful. You will manage paying the loan easily. This calculator is for you.

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