5 Most Common Obstacles People Face When Starting Their First E-Commerce Business

Today it's very easy to start Online Store, just select the CMS, design, domain name, and you can start selling. However, often many Internet entrepreneurs start business e-commerce with mistakes, and this hinders the growth of the Internet business. In this article we will talk about the most common mistakes.


1. Lack of technical characteristics or clear understanding


The most common mistake in start Online Store. Find examples of online stores that you like, and make a technical assignment based on them. Be sure to think through every detail, because changes and modifications will cost you money. If you expect that the developers will draw up a technical task for you, it will be a technical task not of your store, but of a hypothetical store that is not the fact that it will solve your problem. Here it is necessary to work together. It is not necessary to adhere to any strict form, the main thing is to write, so that you and the developers understand it. Above these terms of reference, you will continue to work together, will detail it.

2. Excessive emphasis on the richness of functionality and design, and not on real sales.

This is also a big problem in start business e-commerce, if a lot of time and money is wasted on a beautiful design. First you need to think about how your store will sell and starting from this select the functionality and design. It is not necessary to use the principle "you need everything at once" instead of gradually building up really necessary opportunities. Especially it should be taken into account new stores. Test the niche, launch sales, then build up additional functionality based on market requirements.

3. Insufficient understanding of the importance of promoting an online store.

The selling capabilities of the site must be predictable. So, online store builder must represent the target audience of the site, its needs, purchasing power. You must have a marketing plan and plan for website promotion. Some, especially beginning owners of online stores, are optimistically mistaken about this. Many believe that if they create and launch an online store, they will start selling immediately and without any effort. Therefore, many online stores, as well as businesses close in the first year of operation, sometimes even earlier (recall the ratio of 90/10). Do not forget that about your online store users need to somehow find out. And they will find out, only if you help them in this - you will promote your site. Do not confuse the marketing functions of the store with promotion. Functions is a tool that will help you work with customers, maintain them on the site, stimulate purchases and strengthen loyalty. Promotion is daily work and efforts to attract audience information about your store.

4. Lack of knowledge in sales, when the online store is launched without reliance on knowledge and experience in the business.

Download the topic before opening the store from scratch. It's possible to open an online store now at least in 5 minutes, but you need to know and understand what to do with it further. Make a plan, study the scope, niche, competitors. This is a minimum if you do not have any experience in business. You must understand how it works from the inside. Sit on the forums, talk to the owners of existing stores, ask for advice, offer your plan, your site for review. Let them criticize you and tell you about the risks and bottlenecks. Do not hesitate to ask and admit that you do not know something and do not know how. It's better to make a mistake at the stage of the idea of ​​creating a store than after launching it.

5. Low-quality content online store.

The content should be perfect - there should be no obvious grammatical and spelling errors, any unnecessary depressions, missing or curved images. Good, high-quality content in some cases can even cover the design flaws of the online store. Each product should have an exhaustive and interesting description. Certainly, several quality photos from different angles. Contact information, directions, clear navigation by product category. Simple filters of goods. Simple forms to fill the buyer. A simple procedure for finding products. Customer feedback system. Separately it is worth noting the use of texts and images of other sites. Do not use the images and texts of other people, it will not only reduce your position in search (and not unique content) but will become a big minus in the eyes of buyers.

The simplest advice is to try to order the goods yourself in your store, fill in all the required fields and forms. Analyze the results, perhaps it makes sense to work on this section of the site, making it convenient for people.

These are the main points that we would like to highlight. Of course, there are many other details and errors that are related to the details of the development, either promotion, or the creation of a store presence strategy on the market. I would like to highlight one more mistake. Infinite improvements, leading to perfection, thinking and reworking, studying the material. All this is necessary, but do not spend too much time to start, just start your business. The rest will come with experience. Successful start and success in online business!

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