Online selling has really taken over these days. Recent reports indicate that in 2019, online sales topped more than $3.5 Trillion and that they keep increasing every year. This shows that there is so much money that is being made online and it just might be the right time to consider doing business online.

To do business online you will need to start an online store. However to start online store might not be a very complex task as many people would think. In fact, now a days it’s very easy to get started particularly if you are not so adept with technology. There are few tips you can follow which might help you in creating an online store.

  1. 1. Decide on the types of products you will be selling

This is the most important thing to consider before you can start an online store. There is a high probability that you will need to work day in day out selling the products online, therefore it will be very crucial for you to choose the kind of products that you have a passion for. At the end of the day, it's just a matter of doing what you love and something that won’t get you bored.

  1. 2. Decide which eCommerce Solution is best for you

The amount of money you have in your pocket or savings, time and your level of expertise will dictate the type of eCommerce Solution that can work well for you when you want to start an online store:

  • Hire IT Company : This can work well if you have enought budget, time, resources and specific requirements. This will required regular maintenance and improvements.
  • Open Source Solutions :  These kinds of platforms can be downloaded for free and then you will have to build your website on your own. It will be up to you when it comes to hosting, maintenance, updates and protection.
  • Hosted eCommerce Platforms (Software As A Service) : This can work well for beginners and small businesses since this platforms are ready to use and covers all the features and functionalities, they can help you build your store and you do have to worry about hosting, security and maintenance as its all covered with their affordable monthly plans. 

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  1. 3. Start Creating Your Store

Once you have decided on the type of eCommerce solution that suits your store, you will now start an online store by setting up important pages and functionalities on the website which include your products, home, terms and conditions and other content pages. 

  1. 4. Pick a Brilliant Domain Name

You will have to choose a suitable web address that customers can use to find your online store. Make sure that its simple, short and one that describes your type of business.

  1. 5. Getting Paid - Select Best Payment Gateway

When you decided to start an online store you wanted to make money. Before launching it, you have to decide the payment solution so that your customers will know how to pay you. You can choose the best payment gateways by comparing their rates, different charges, online system to manage transactiona, refund and also payout holding period. Learn more @ eCommerce Payments Guide.

  1. 6. Start Shipping - Choose Best Shipping Carrier

When you decided to start an online store you knew that you need to ship products to customer. Before launching it, you have to decide the shipping terms so that your customers will know how they are going to receive their items. You can choose the best shipping carrier who provides services in your desired zone, compare their charges, option for cash on delivery and provides online tracking details for ther shipments. Learn more @ eCommerce Shipping Guide.

  1. 7. Marketing Your Store

Once your website address is ready, you can use strategies such as social media, search engine optiomization, email marketing, google/facebook/instagram advertising and other forms of marketing to market your store. Marketing your store is very important as no one is going to know about your store until you show it them. Now a days there are many different ways to get started with marketing and its always best to do A/B testing with your different ideas and find the best suited for your business to get more sales. Lear more @ eCommerce Marketing Guide.

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