7 Creative Ways to Improve Sales on Your eCommerce Site

In the most recent years, the internet has paved a way to a lot of business trends. One of which is e-commerce. E-commerce is defined as the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the internet. They draw on various other technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction, electronic data interchange, inventory management system, and automated data collection system. 

There is a lot of reason that e-commerce has become one of the most lucrative avenues in gaining more and more popularity. E-commerce has a large scope of the potential audience, which if you can successfully turn into a buyer, also means that a huge increase in revenue. E-commerce sites are not only limited to selling physical goods but also services and even online and digital products. 

Because of this flexibility,  big e-commerce sites reported a growing increase of 23% sales year over year and the global e-commerce sales are expected to top $27 million in 2020. 

Underneath is a list of creative ways that you can do to increase your e-commerce sales: 

  1. 1. Pop –Up 

If your store hasn’t developed brand awareness, then you can try to increase it by opening a pop-up store. Pop up store is short term store in which you will allow the customer to get a first hands-on experience to your product. 

Although this way is difficult to be done if you are selling services or even digital products. 

By opening a pop-up store in a heavy traffic place, you will be able to gain attention and interact with potential customers in no time. All you need to bring is a few sample products, along with a tablet or a phone, and an EDC machine.


  1. 2. Blog Post 

Another way that you can increase the traffic on your e-commerce site is by incorporating a blog section and writing a blog. This way, you will not only increase the SEO on your web but also you will be able to increase your customer’s engagement.

It is possible that you don’t have a new product every day. By writing interesting blog posts that are relevant to the interest of your customers, you will be able to increase the chance of getting them back to your e-commerce site. 

Even better, you can also give them a subscribed option which allows them to get your new blogpost in their e-mail. 


  1. 3. Give Them Reason 

In an era where you are competing with thousands, if not millions other e-commerce sites, you need to give the customers a reason to choose your company over others.

Tell the story of your brand, in a way that you can build your customer’s trust, and give them a glimpse of behind the curtain scenes. 

Why should the customers choose you? This is a serious question and this is something that every single new customer on your e-commerce site is going to be asking themselves. 

The answer of why you started the business, who you are, what your company cares about, what do you stand for, and why you stand for it has to be answered in that background description.

Your background description has to feed into your online branding strategy and help you position your business as different. 


  1. 4. User-Generated Review 

It is estimated that about 95% of the shoppers read reviews, and about 57% will only use a business if it has 4 or more star. If you are afraid of a negative review, then don’t! 

A negative review will give you a chance to improve yourselves, and it will show your potential customers that your product is real. 

Allow yourself to be able to engage with customers either when they are satisfied with the product, or when they are not satisfied with the product. If done correctly, you can turn a disgruntled customer to a loyal one. In fact, about 40% of loyal customers from a brand are from disgruntled customers whose complaint were handled correctly. 


  1. 5. Show Similar and Related Items 

Research shows that by showing the customer similar and related items that they might like to purchase after showing their interest in a product, you can increase their serotonin release signaling curiosity and excitement. 

You will later be able to at least sow the seed in the customer's brain of whether they would like to purchase another item which correlates with the item that they initially bought. Chances are, they will! 


  1. 6. Utilize Social Media 

Brands and online sellers that connect with their buyers on an emotional level create brand trusts and advocacy. This can be done by simply incorporating a social media account to your e-commerce site. 

Instead of giving shoppers an inundated with a constant flow of buy now and get this, you will be able to create a level of customer engagement. Linking social pictures and user-generated content with an e-commerce site are must-have features that will give you a brand character, and also retain your customer for life. 

Social media also allows you to showcase your brand's story thus giving more insight for a customer to be aware of your brand. 


  1. 7. Advanced Payment 

This is not a creative way, but it is a must-have for any e-commerce site. The easier you make the customer able to purchase your product, the more likely that they are going to come back to your site for a future purchase. Incorporate online payment to your site to increase your customer’s ease. 

Even when you do not have a certain mode of payment which is very popular, ensure that you give a reason and that reason benefits not only you as a seller or a company but also benefits the customer. 

Most common reasons why there is a certain mode of payment that is not accepted; to protect the customer’s data, reliability, and security of that mode of payment and so forth. 

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