Apply These 10 (X) Secret Techniques To Improve Your eCommerce Sales

Just as there are so many fishes in the water bodies, there are several billion websites all over the world. Among these crowds of websites, there are a thousand earning less than $1million from their web sales. There are over a thousand sites that earn much more than a million dollar as revenue.

In the same vein, there are a lot of websites that are simply just struggling to stand straight on their two feet. Such sites are trying very hard to get good contents and products that will draw customers closer to their platform. The competition in the e-commerce world is relatively high. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to make use of some unique secret techniques. 

Even the Amazon you see today did not start out as big as they are today. Like an infant, they underwent the rigorous growth stages. They most definitely would not be wearing those big shoes of fame today if they did not have their secret spice which kept pushing them to their limits until they got to the top. 

In this article, we intend to give you open-secrets that will help you improve your e-commerce sales so you can also stand out in the e-commerce crowd.


1. Doggedness

Have you ever heard the popular tale of the man who tried to invent the light bulb 99 times before he finally got it right? That is the exact same spirit you need to employ in this line of business. In fact, it is the main quality you need to succeed at anything you lay your hands on. The never-give-up till you get it right mentality will push you to stay awake all night designing a website while your friends cozy up in the bed right next to you. If you quit things as soon as you begin them, you cannot make waves in e-commerce.


2. Be Quick

After you must have digested your idea in your mind, it is necessary for you to act on it. Do not procrastinate your plans to launch that website in a bid to avoid your plans falling through. The same speed which you used to create the website should be at the same pace with the speed which your website has to have. If your customers find it difficult to load pages on your website, it would discourage them from patronizing you. The maximum time it should take for each page on your website to load should be nothing less than 2 seconds. Anything more than this, your customers would back off because nobody wants to grow old while trying to load a page on a website.


3. Test before Launching

Before your website swings into full action, make sure you test and check out everything on it to ensure they are in perfect shape. It is very important to test your websites’ speed with application like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed. This will make it easy for you to detect the errors before your customers figure them out. It will also assist you in correcting the errors before launching the site to the public.


4. Use Responsive Designs

Using responsive designs simply means your site will always fit into any device a visitor is using. This will make the visitor more comfortable with using your website as he would not need to keep minimizing or maximizing icons to fit into his device. Most importantly, your website must be mobile phone friendly. Majority of websites visitors are mobile phone users so, if you neglect them, how do you intend to generate massive traffic?


5. Use Visuals

What we see tends to remain in our memory for a longer duration than what we just read without any images to make it interesting. If you really want to make a good impression, use high quality images and videos on your website. A short video clip will help potential customers see what your product looks like and how it operates. It also allows you to speak to them. Genuinely, your voice can portray your true and honest emotions about your products. This will help you convince your customers better.


6. Provide Easy Navigation 

If you desire for your visitors to enjoy a smooth navigation on your website, your search bar must be very visible. This will help them find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Your products should be well arranged in catalogues which will make it more interesting to use your website.


7. Use Simple Processes

It can be very thrilling to have registered users on your website. However, do not be too rigid about the process. Making it mandatory for your visitors to first register on your site before they can proceed to shop can really turn them off. Let them have the choice to check-in and check-out of your website at their own comfort. The most important thing is for them to buy your products.


8. Do Gifting

Do not be too greedy about making so much profits that you end up been the only regular visitor on your own website. It is better to have 50 customers paying you $4 each for an item than one customer who pays you $8 for that item. Keep your customers interested by doing discounts, giveaways from time to time. This will improve your sales.


9. Content Originality

Proper information is another major booster of online business. It will help to build a strong relationship between you and customers. Do not rely solely on visuals without words. Write short, catchy original contents describing your website and products so that people can be more attracted to your website. Write things that will interest your customers. This will make them feel like you were actually thinking about them when you created the website.


10. Make Social Media Proofs Available

People always love buying products that have already been tested by other people. Hence, if people buy your products, let them give you feedbacks. Feedbacks can be given through various social media platforms. These feedbacks will convince people easily than you just going on and on, talking endlessly about your products as if you are the only one who has used them by yourself.  A lot of people trust online reviews much more than theoretical speeches. Save your saliva and let people do the talking for you via social media reviews.


In conclusion, people do not want to shop on websites where their personal data cannot be kept safe. You can only gain the trust of customers if your website has top notch security system. SSL security is a generally tested and trusted security for online website. Also, upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS will boost customers’ confidence in your website. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and apply these 10 (x) secrets to your e-commerce platform and watch your sales blossom.

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