eCommerce Offline Marketing Vs Online Marketing

eCommerce offline marketing is simply the process of selling online products using offline strategy. It may seem very counterintuitive, but what matters is that it should be done effectively, if an offline strategy is mixed with an online business, it will serve as a successful technique to promote your online store to new customers or consumers. The reason for the obviousness is the fact that majority of things done by online store owners is online, so therefore they are used to online strategy only. This inconveniency may seem continual at first. However, A good passion to reach a new, more engaged visitor, and targeted online shoppers will help. 

Online marketing on the other hand is a method of using online tools such as social media platforms to enhance and promote your sales while selling your services, brand, and products online. The social media sites with prominence are the best used in this case, such as Facebook, WhatsApp business, Twitter and Instagram.

While online store business owner may think putting all of their business strategies into online marketing is the best way to handle their business, neglecting about the application of offline business plans may result to costing them in the long run of their online sales. Online shopping cannot discount the contingency and positive impact of offline marketing, such as the catalogs and traditional ads, and the value it can add your online store.

The effect of eCommerce offline marketing vs online marketing


The contingency of eCommerce offline marketing

E-commerce Offline marketing ideas help e-commerce business owners to get to a more wide targeted audience. Many of offline strategies concentrate on providing marketing strategy that are traditional, which can subsequently promote and aid the company to build more progressive level of customers’ trust. Therefore, any online store that has the offline landscape activated, inspires loyalty in a better way as compared to the stores which only focus on online form of marketing.

According to independent surveys, up to  40% of the offline purchases are initialization of advertisement done offline!  Also almost 60% of consumers prefer purchasing products and services online, only after considering a word-of-mouth acknowledgment and recommendation; and this can only be done offline.

This survey reveals the real potential of an online-to-offline strategy that online store businesses can take advantage of during marketing of their sales.  More light shall be thrown throw on the best possible offline marketing approaches that actually work and are capable of generating leads for the concerned online stores.

Another survey done in the year 2010 stated that offline marketing channels influenced as much as 40  Percent of searches done online . Today’s technology has altered the way we make buying decisions, but many individuals still use multiple marketing style (online and offline) when gathering information about a service or product. And, according to a 2016 statistic, 69 percent of adults trust newspapers, and that more than half are more likely to buy a new product if they read about it in the magazine or a local paper.


The contingency of eCommerce online marketing

Some businesses work far better as online businesses only, I mean just by applying online marketing style. If your business is selling really expensive ticket items like boats, airplanes  or industrial machineries, it’s expected that you generate more sales using online marketing only  than you ever could do if your concentration is just to use word-of-mouth marketing technique to customers coming to the door of your offline sales office, if  there is one. The available market of people wanting to buy a product of such value is comparatively little and highly dispersed.  Advertising your products using online eCommerce marketing means your targeted audience can effectively and easily be accosted.

eCommerce online marketing are opened to exposure

When eCommerce online marketing is done effectively and there’s a good online presence, everything is regularly available 24 hours per day and almost 366 days per year. The advantage of this is you have a lot more chance and opportunity to generate sales.  The disadvantage is your customers ‘expectation is for you to be available for them to help with their concerns, so you mostly don’t have offline time to handle your eCommerce using offline marketing, unless you hire somebody to handle all that stuff for you.  This requires considerable resources, so the smaller your business is, the less likely it is that yop0u're going to get to enjoy lengthy and relaxing vacations

Trust is a big factor in eCommerce marketing

Online customers are surely, are normally in the dark about who and the reality of who they're dealing with, and as a result of this, they are mostly more reluctant to be the time customer with an unfamiliar online site.  This reluctance is as a result of thousands of fake and scam sites all over the internet and people do get scammed every day by these scamming sites.

Therefore,to appropriately make good standing using online eCommerce marketing, online store owners do need to make a lot more investment into establishing trust with customers in a way that offline eCommerce marketing do not need to worry, also building trust is generally difficult for both but online marketing needs it more reason is customers can't  see, touch, and inspect physical products before purchasing. Offline eCommerce marketing will allow you, the online store owners to show your consumers your product inspection and trust building. You only have to then refer them to your online sites afterward.

Online shoppers are normally not sure if your online store is real and not a scamming one.

There is low assurance that their transactions will be accurately processed.

They can't be certain that you won't charge additional items to them.

Low assurance if money back is guaranteed.

Inability of the shoppers having full view of the product.



Both eCommerce offline marketing and off line marketing are meant for awareness creation for  your product and services, as well as to increase sales.

It takes longer time to get returns of investment except if the traditional offline marketing will be subsequently added


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