Introducing a New Way to Start Your eCommerce Store

Introducing a new way to start your ecommerce store

As a company grows and gains popularity, it becomes near impossible to manage customers in retail shops. To make life easier for both, the owners and the customers, Shoppiko now gives you an alternate route to help your business blossom even more. Shoppiko helps you set up online stores in which your products will be available to the world within a few clicks. 

Why Shoppiko?

While there are more recognizable Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Storehippo, etc., they all have different prices and packages that can confuse customers rather than help them. If you wish for a quick and easy start to your online store, then Shoppiko is the place to go to. Shoppiko offers a very simple plan to help set up your store according to your plans. The highlight of Shoppiko is that it only has one plan and one fixed price (no hidden charges, no additional packages). Shoppiko also has high class features which are essential for top ranked online stores (remember no extra charge).

Undying support

Shoppiko does not consider any business too small. It will stand with you no matter what the situation you are in. Here, everyone is considered and treated as family. It will help your business reach the skies, by assisting you every step of the way.

One package; One Price

At Shoppiko, we only have one Premium package and with all the features. Rest assured, the price you pay at the beginning, is the only price you have to pay, meaning, there are no add-ons, no transaction fees, nothing. 

No restrictions or complexity

As a user of Shoppiko, you will have entire access to any area of the site. You can also tweak or change any aspect of the store to your liking. Shoppiko is an extremely advanced and high quality platform; however, it’s also simple and easy to follow. Even if you’re new to the marketing business and are looking to get started quickly, you will find that Shoppiko provides a trouble-free experience.

The Complete Ecommerce Platform

Shoppiko is readily accessible by anyone. You will have complete control over your store which you can run from any device. Your store will also be globally recognized which means you will have customers from all over the world. With various themes that come free of cost, your store will have the potential of becoming world class and huge in the marketing industry. 

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