The Best eCommerce Sites In India Right Now

There are several e-Commerce sites in different countries across the globe. Specifically, In India, there are over 50 popular online websites that are well known because of their effective prowess. Some of these sites are Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and several others.

Recently, the world of e-Commerce has been growing at a fast pace in India. E-commerce has helped in bridging the gap between manufacturers and customers. Technology in India has advanced with the use of smart phones. These phones now serve as a media for having easy access to online stores. India is now one of the largest markets of e-Commerce users. 

As such, it is not so easy to give one universal list of the best e-Commerce sites in India. However, in this article, we will give you our own comprehensive list of the 10 best e-Commerce sites you should look out for in India at the moment as they have proven to be tested and trusted by customers. These online stores have very massive traffics which are as much as 5.9 million- 22million monthly traffic. The list will be given in no particular order.


Amazon India

This is one of the biggest online stores in India which has a massive global acceptance. This site provides maximum satisfaction for users as well as a wide range of product options to choose from. It is a large marketplace in India. It also keeps record of a customer’s frequently bought product so as to suggest options for new products.

The site has just begun two new services for sellers in India namely; the “Self Service Registration (SSR)” and “Amazon Easy Ship”. The SSR allows the sellers to register in Amazon marketplace themselves. They can start making sales within a day without the use of a middleman. On the other hand, Amazon Easy Ship allows the seller to pack the shipment and confirm to Amazon that the goods are ready for shipping. After that, Amazon Logistics will now make sure that the pack is delivered to the customers between 2-3 working days.

By doing this, customers can even receive their orders within 24hours. This keeps the customers satisfied and increases the customers’ loyalty to the site. All these can be done easily in the comfort of their homes on smart phones or computers. The customers are not limited to ordering a particular type of product as Amazon serves variety.



Flipkart began as an online bookstore and now, it has expanded into an online store for various products such as: digital music, beauty, electronics, and books. The website is very easy to browse and delivers orders quickly. It also offers sales at discount prices to customers. Flipkart also gives customers the opportunity to pay on delivery. This has earned them about 68% loyal and regular customers. 

It most popular and mouth-watering service is the “Big Billion Days” which it carries out seasonally. During this period, the site gives out millions of orders at discount prices. This keeps their Indian customers interested in their site.

Who doesn’t like cheap thrills?



Myntra is a more specific website which deals with fashion and lifestyle products. Its main focus is on most fashionable trends in clothing, foot wears and accessories. It also allows for pay on delivery options as well as discounts on some products for customers. Their delivery system is very standard and this has earned them the trust of a lot of users.

Myntra has also developed a daily guide for everyday fashion which is called “MyntraLookGood”. This daily guide provides customers with useful information on trending fashion tips, beauty tricks and entertainment. The site mingles with celebrities’ wardrobes and entertainment events which have helped increase its popularity. The site has worked with celebrity brands like Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan on some of their fashion innovations.

Their frequent association with Bollywood has helped them gather more committed customers’ overtime.



Snapdeal is an online store that offers different products to customers. Their products range from fashion to home appliances and electronics. Since it was founded in 2010, it has received many funding from very famous investors like Foxconn, SoftBank, which has aided in its rapid growth.



This site came into the industry surprisingly and has evolved rapidly within 5-7 months after creation. Jabong is not just a platform that sells products itself; it also serves as a marketplace for third-party sellers. The major products they deal in are; foot wears, accessories and jewelry, but they still have more than 40,000 products across about 600+ brands. 

Jabong is also very popular for delivering products very quickly especially to cities like Delhi. If you order your products from Delhi, you will most likely receive your order within 24 hours. The site is currently working on improving its global presence by creating a sub-site named; which ships products from India to other countries. Jabong is a very dynamic site which has shown interest in other fields such as: fashion magazine (The Juice) and the movie industry, by collaborating with movies like, “Main Tera Hero” and “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, offering them exclusive products.



This online platform specializes in baby products and children’s clothes. Firstcry now provides its products to customers via a lot of stores across India.



Nykaa was founded in 2012. It was originally an online store for beauty products and clothes in India. But, in recent times, Nykaa has established its own cosmetics line and has opened multiple brick and mortar stores in different Indian cities.



This website was launched in 2011 and it is among the best online shops in India. They have over 20,000 sellers who deal with anything in fashion, beauty products and hand-made accessories useful for beautifying our homes.



This is rated as the second largest e-Commerce platform in India. The website kick started in with a mobile wallet. By 2016, the site introduced its e-Commerce PayTm Mall. They deal with daily consumer goods and electronics majorly. One of its most attractive qualities is the discount coupons which they give to customers.


Gadgets Now

This new invention is a force to reckon with among the various e-Commerce platforms in India. It is a platform where different sellers can market their brands which include the trending computers, mobile gadgets and their accessories. 


There you have it! Our very own compilation of e-Commerce sites you should definitely patronize in India. Thank us after you must have been deeply satisfied by these websites.

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