Ways To Retain Your Loyal Customers For Your Online Store

Nowadays, we find many people who prefer online shopping. Right from day-to-day groceries, apparels or even gift items-many of these are shopped online. The reasons for online shopping could be due to certain time constraints. Or they can even be done to avoid long queues in an actual shopping store. Few people believe that online shopping has more variety of products when compared to a real store.

If you own an online store, you must keep existing customers happy. This will hold even if you own an actual store instead of an online platform. Of course, new customers will keep on coming. Your old customers can suggest your eCommerce store to many of their friends and relatives. 


Certain tips for keeping loyal customers for your online store are mentioned below.

1. Keep the checkout process customer-friendly

Make the checkout process simple. Customers should be asked to fill their details only one time. Customer details would be displayed automatically during checkout. If a customer wishes to change any information (like address or phone no), he should be able to do it during the checkout process itself. In certain cases, a customer may have more than one address. Consider if someone wishes to send a gift to his close friend or relative. In this scenario, he will have to enter the address of the person for whom he needs to gift something. During such times, all the addresses which are registered for the particular customer should be shown. The customer should be able to select the address (where the product needs to be delivered).


2. Ensure that the product quality delivered is of high standards

What you see is what you get-this should be the motto of every online store. Delivering quality products will ensure your customers would get back to you in the future. Also, the product quality should match its features which are displayed online for the same. For example, if you are selling apparel online, the color of the dress should match the one displayed online. This goes true for other factors like its material and size. Ensure that the customer is happy on receiving the product. He should be in a position to recommend your eCommerce platform to others.


3. Display discounted products or the ones with offers at the time of shopping

Your loyal customers need to feel that they are being given exclusive treatment. Any products having any promotional offers during certain occasions can be displayed during shopping. For example, during Diwali, you may choose to give discounts on certain brands of sweets. These products can be shown online to the customer who can buy them is he wishes to. Also, certain products when bought with existing products may result in a discount. This also needs to be displayed. For example, if the customer purchases shoes online, certain varieties of socks can be shown to the customer. It can be stated that these socks when brought together along with the shoes result in a discount.


4. Display the last bought products or items as per customer choice

It is always a good practice to display the items which the customer purchased during his last shopping. This becomes very useful in certain cases, particularly grocery shopping. For example, if 5kg of a particular brand of rice was purchased during the last time, display the same product on the screen again. In case the customer wants it again, he will not have to take the trouble of searching the product again. He can directly add it to his cart. Also, in the case of a loyal customer, certain products must be displayed according to his liking. For instance, if he prefers buying Bournvita, then products like Bournvita biscuits can be displayed. The customer can always choose to buy it if he wants. This can hold even while purchasing apparels from an online store. If a top is purchased, then trousers matching that top can be displayed. One can opt for buying it if desired.


5. Offer Loyalty points

In case you have a loyal customer, you can offer them loyalty rewards after the end of every transaction. These loyalty points should have a validity period and the customer can redeem these points during his next purchase. 


6. Mail notification regarding the shopping details

It is always good to notify a customer through mail regarding the transaction details. This should include the items purchased, payment mode and the estimated delivery time of the order. The mail should also display the order status. Email notification can be sent during every stage of the order. Once the items are dispatched, the same should be notified to the customer.


7. Notify the customer in case of any special offers or new arrivals

If a customer has been loyal to you, you must ensure that he does not miss out on anything. For instance, during certain times, there could be discounts on certain products. During the winters, in case you are offering discounts on certain brands of sweaters, notify the same to the customer either through an email or an SMS. The same thing can be done in case of any new arrivals. Customers will always feel happy when they are given importance in matters like these.


8. Marketing of products on social media

Knowing your customer choices, you can display similar types of products on social media, for example, Facebook. Displaying products of customer interest on social media is a very good way of marketing, enhancing your customer relationship at the same time. In case they are interested, they would not mind buying the same.


Well, I hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you in retaining your loyal customers.


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