8 Simple Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram is pretty much similar to Twitter or Facebook all who create an account on Instagram has a profile and news feed area.

When you upload a video or a picture on Insta, it will display on your feeds or profile page, the Insta users who follow you will be able to see your posts on their Instagram feeds. In a similar way you will see others whom you follow on your Instagram account. It works in a similar way like other social media networks, you can interact with friends, family and other famous personalities by following them, liking their feeds, commenting, tagging and sending private messages. 

Earlier, Instagram was a fun app for youth but now it has become serious marketing, networking, selling and audience or follower building tool for brands and individuals. Now days Instagram is uttermost favourite social media networking sites on the earth with statistics over 500 million active account monthly sharing 70 million images and getting 2 billion likes per day.

Instagram can be used in many ways if you are using it as your business page. Then question raise, “How to get followers on your store’s Instagram page?” no worries you are at the right place. There are many ways to gain followers and increase your interaction and spread your business.

8 simple ways to gain more followers on Instagram quickly:

       1. Define your pick out audience

For getting this, you need to ask questions to yourself like what type of audience you are trying to reach: information related to age group, target place, type of work, when and how consistent they are on Instagram, their main areas and challenges they face? By answering all of these questions you can easily create right type of content for your Instagram page and reach the right audience. 

      2. Prepare a compatible business story and glory of products

Everyone is curious to show what they achieve; they try to show off or share how their product is looking. So, it does not work like this, if you want to value your brand from other competitors, you could try it by showing the achievements or lifestyle of your customers.

It does not matter at all what is your goal, your need to make sure to retain a consistent brand story, visual look and personality. Your post should not be complicated it should be easily relatable and recognizable at a glance

      3. Create an informative bio and profile    

As your store’s Instagram profile is backbone of your business on Instagram, and a key to gain an audience. As we all know there are many visitors who view your profile as a non-follower. So, to gain those non followers your store profile needs to be more convincing. They would not follow you if your store profile is unappealing, incomplete or unclear. For that you need to include: Name, username, other website link, and last but not least a creative or attractive bio.

     4. Promote or advertise your Instagram activities on other social networks

If you want to gain more audience or traffic to your Instagram page, you need to make it very simple and easy to your targeted audience to find you.  For this you need to promote your Instagram page on other social accounts. This will make your fans to know about your Instagram account. Share your link so that your existing fans go and check it out.

You can use paid boosting to get more audience to know about your Instagram activity, you can also highlight your favorite post. 

     5. You can ask your customers to share their photos or experience  

To gain the trust of new customers you can ask your existing customers to share their experiences and photos this will work as social proof of your brand. It will help you to increase audience or followers on your Instagram page.

Now if you are new and never had a customer before, then you can reach out to the influencers with 6000 followers in the same interest as yours. These influencers easily are ready to take pictures with your products to minimum rate. They can work with you as an affiliate.

     6. Post your Instagram activities in blogs to gain followers

It is good if you are a blogger also, your blogs can help you in advertising your Instagram pictures.  You can provide a link to your blog fans or add statement like ‘Don’t forget to follow on Instagram’ with link. With this your blog readers get to know about your Instagram activity. This is a long-term process but within six month you will see a fruitful result.

      7. Use popular hashtag  

A relevant tagging will make your stories and posts recognizable for people who are searching for the same content. Which is more likely related to your products, brand or industry. This is very important to note that what are the DOs and DON’Ts before using hashtag on your Instagram posts.

      8. Try to follow those audience who like your competitors Instagram pages

To gain followers for your Instagram page you need to follow those who follow the brands. Make a list of your biggest competitors on Instagram. Then start following them who are likes or commenting on their post. Then try to engage with those followers.

Try to target lower brands because a bigger brand works on customer loyalty. You cannot beat them. You can try to give an answer to those who are asking for help on the posts of your competitors. Do not try to pitch them. If they like your suggestion they will get back to you soon. And by doing this you are generating a mass of followers for your Instagram page.


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