Five Things Every eCommerce Business Must Delegate Out Today

To delegate means to assign people to play some roles on your behalf. It can also mean creating a team to cover up for your own weaknesses by working together to ensure the business grows. In a team, you all are working towards achieving the same goals. This makes work easier, faster and very convenient to do.

This involves employing the theories of division of labor in e-commerce. However, for some people, delegating tasks to people is a very hard thing to do. They prefer to get the job done themselves. Such people opine that other people will not treat their business with as much rapt attention as they give to it themselves. Others even think that in the long run, one of their delegates might want to take over their business. People have several reasons for not delegating in e-commerce. Some people will even say they do not have enough time to delegate.

Delegation can involve throwing your extra work into another person’s lap or training an intern on how to do your job the way you do it. No matter what excuses you have for refusing to delegate, you really need to give it a second thought. Delegation is not such a bad idea most especially when your business begins to grow big. 

You need to get over the notion that delegating might mean giving your business out to other people. Have it at the back of your mind that you are the one in charge. You are the team leader and business owner and the delegates are answerable to you. So, sharing tasks among them should not be such a bad idea. All you need to put into consideration is this; every delegate on your team is working towards increasing your brand. 

Delegation can work in two ways. It can help you focus more on your business or take a few burdens off your shoulders and make the bulky work seem like little bits and pieces. Below are five things every e-commerce owner must delegate today:

1. Extra Businesses

If you seem to have a very busy schedule with your hands full of too many of many side hustles, you need to consider using a delegate(s). For example, if you run a writing blog besides your ecommerce website, it won’t hurt to employ the services of a writer to carry on with that extra business while you carry out other functions. Even on your website, if there is something that eats up most of your time, you can set up a team to assist you with it while you do other things. Dividing the labor is usually for your business’ good.


2. Areas outside your specialization (Financial Reports)

Under this subheading, we are referring to sensitive areas like auditing and financial reports analysis which are not everyone’s strong suit. While you have your head buried in a file full of financial reports which you do not understand, the clock keeps ticking. Those hours which you could have put into other works which are in your area of expertise will go to waste. The more time wasted, the lesser the income. To avoid being in such sorry state, it would make more sense to give the job to an expert in the field. Specialization, like division of labor, is a life saver.


3. Social Media Advertising

As easy as it seems to advertise via social media platforms, it is not everybody’s job. Some people are well trained professionals in this field. They will perform better in this field than as regular social media user. Employing a social media director to help you with social media advertisements is surely not a waste of money. 

This person is one of the key members of your team. This person will increase the strength of your traffic with his expertise. He will be in charge of your social media team and report their activities back to you regularly. So, he is still a sub-head under your head. He will map out strategies to attract customers, ads and campaigns which will bring customers closer to your doorstep.

While hiring social media personnel, do not rush into hiring every Tom, Dick and Harry who says he has a smart phone. You need to carefully select the right person for this sensitive task.


4. Copy Writing

This is another very crucial part of e-commerce business. Hiring a very competent writer is synonymous to winning a lottery for website owners. When you have a writer who knows how to play with words at your finger-tips, your website will experience tremendous growth. Most big e-commerce business owners know the value of this particular ingredient in their business soup so; they do not joke with it. They usually delegate writing to a skilled team of copy writers whose job will be to write original contents describing the products on sale. 

When you are on the lookout for writers, go for the passionate ones who know the onions of writing. Select only those whose writings are captivating. These qualities can only be possessed by people who have good writing skills. In one sentence, it is worth it to employ writers who know what they are doing to manage your contents for you.


5. Delivery and Logistics

What is online business without delivery? This is an integral part of e-commerce. Without proper logistics and delivery of goods, the entire supply chain will falter. This aspect of e-commerce is not only about timely delivery. It also involves some carefully planned processes which will take place before the actual delivery. These processes of planning delivery are called logistics. 

As an e-commerce business owner, you can be a Jack of all trade. You cannot do everything by yourself. When customers order for products, you have to process the order, package it and then deliver it. This seems like a pretty simple process right? Well, yeah! It is quite simple in theory than practical. It is a long process which ought to involve various delegates to make it faster. 

Therefore, employing the services of a good delivery and logistics team to carry out all these activities for you will help develop your business at a quicker pace. 


If you are an e-commerce business owner and you just finished reading this article, you should be strategizing on how to delegate these roles to as many people as possible today to improve the growth of your e-commerce business. Best of luck as you go out in search of suitable team members.


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