How Social Media Marketing Really Works For Online Store

One of the major challenges all store owners will face either online or not is how to improve their sales. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know how to be special and stand out from multitudinous other e-commerce websites. The progressive increase in e-commerce has made the attractions of visitors to online store owners’ product more difficult, the difficulties in getting customers’ simply imply difficulties in making sales. To demystify this hindering issue of making sales online, Social Media marketing was introduced.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is a way of using social media platforms to enhance and promote your sales while selling your services, brand, and products online. The social media sites with prominence are the best used in this case, such as Facebook, WhatsApp business, Twitter and Instagram, however, there other upcoming sites too that are also effective. Choosing the best channel (Social medium) depends on factors such as who your target audience is, what type of product you are selling and your desired business goals. 

People tend to spend long hours online trying to satisfy their needs, some rare facts  gotten from a broad survey done by Globalwebindex show that the Philippines spend up to 10:02hours online including online shopping while 6:42hours for Worldwide. Accordingly, a survey carried out by Smart insights states that more than half of brands that make use of social media marketing get increment in sales and revenue. Therefore, this helps e-commerce investors in using social media as a good source of marketing online. If it is used effectively by you with appropriate marketing style, then expect a high generation of sales and promotions of your online store.

Social Media Advantage

It allows two-way interaction

Apart from how the social media marketing positively accelerates the market state of online store owners, it also provides an opportunity for a full-duplex communication; two-ways interactions with customers. This fact allows online store owners to receive feedback about their products, services and even your store as a whole. This direct communication makes your online customers think more highly of your store if your social-media availability is high, meaning you are always online and connected.

When online store owners relate every time and provide nice content to their consumers, it makes consumers have a nice impression about their company, products, and services. It is a good weapon to ameliorate brand loyalty. A report from Convince and Convert proves that 53% of customers who follow a brand on social media end up being loyal to that specific brand.

Increment in the traffic of online stores website

 Social media marketing allows serious increment of online visitors to eCommerce sites (online stores) where the real sales happen. Generally, whatever social media and marketing style that is being used, the store’s social media account page will always have a backlink to the store. This way, your visitors and consumers will adequately locate your eCommerce site through your social media account. Sounds nice?

The increase in visitors to online stores implies the increase in the distribution of sale contents through social media. Accordingly, when social media share increase, it apparently means higher eCommerce store ranking for its keyword in search engine results pages (SERPs), the online store will be visited more frequently, by more people with more clicks! The method that is mostly used to drive traffics to online stores is by sharing most hot stories that many people are longing for, even if it is not in the scope of the store’s products, this called “Newsjacking”.

Social media marketing enhance eCommerce site

It improves the online store’s Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is more than a mere optimization of sites, individual blog, and pages. The proper usage of social media marketing plays a significant role in either affecting your online store’s SEO ranking in a positive or negative manner. A good social media marketing activity for online stores makes search engines like Google grade eCommerce sites as a trustworthy site on the internet.

It is cost effective

The benefits of social media marketing are numerous at it allows online stores to save more money on ads and campaigns while still providing effective product awareness. It is good to be smart and economical, take advantage of these promising benefits of social media marketing; it requires little money and even little commitment.

Facts about social media marketing

According to Buffer, 2019, more than 70% of marketers believe that their efforts using social media marketing have been “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for their markets.

The Emars, 2019 reported social media statistics from 2019 to be 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and it is ever-increasing. That equates around 42% of the world present population.

The leading social media is Facebook, it has up to 2.32 billion users that are active (users that have logged in their Facebook account during the last 30days.

Pewinternet in 2018 also reported that 68% of United States adults are Facebook users.

 In 2018, the Forbes stated that 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with an online store on social media are likely to make the recommendation of it to their friends and family.

The disadvantage of Social media marketing for online store

  • Exposure to other competitors

Social media marketing allows the monitoring of the strategy of other competitors. However, your business strategy might be studied as well through your social media platform. Subsequently putting online store owners in danger.

  • Returns on investments are low 

To fully receive returns on investments, one has to anticipate for some time, as social media marketing investment is a long term one which returns cannot be expected overnight. For a quick return investment, social media marketing is not the best way rather initial methods, like “word of mouth to consumer” marketing strategy. 

It consumes a lot of time

Sometimes people intentionally neglect your page maybe because they’re interested in other sites. It takes time to get to them, appreciate and share nice post to them.

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