How To Increase The Sales of Your Online Store

If you have an online store, you've most likely asked this question: "Why is my e-commerce store not selling as much as want it to?". If you want to know how to drastically increase the sales of your online store we have good news and bad news for you (sorry).

Let’s start with the bad first, 

The bad? Well, getting to sell with your online store takes a lot of work and involvement behind the scene. You will not sell from one day to the next without putting your full energy at the back. It is not enough to start an online business with a lot of zeal and the best products. ACTION is needed vigorously.

The good news? Today we bring to you a series of tactics and tips that will teach you how to shoot the sales of your online store by over 30% in a month.  Put them into practice and you will see how your sales increase drastically.

Before we get started: putting these tasks in motion will not launch your online store to success just immediately. You have to be consistent and surround yourself with professionals in case you are not an expert in the field. That is where we come in at

Let's get started.


1. Analyze the competition and its online actions

If you want to increase the sales of your online store, the first thing you have to do is thoroughly analyze the competition. Not only do you have to know how their products are, but you also have to know what actions they are taking online.

Look at the kind of post they publish on social networks, what they do with their content marketing or if they do online advertising. Inspire yourself and evaluate what they do well and what they do wrong. Knowing what works for them will surely help you to better define your own strategy to use.

2: Study your Buyer

Have you defined who your buyer is? who is your ideal customer? what is their age? Likes, dislikes, interest, demography. You must define it all.

If you do not have it clearly defined, we will tell you a quick way to find out: with Google Analytics. This magnificent tool from Google will give you a first estimate of how users are visiting your website. It will show you how old they are, what their main interests are, and which user profile converts the most.

3. Create social media pages and schedule posts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are very popular today. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion users worldwide and more than 200 million Facebook users in India alone according to statistics.

Your social media page is not only for selling your products. Your duty is to make sure there is so much valuable content to make your customers addicted to your page. You can throw in some games and freebies once in a while. 

It is also important that you schedule your post so that you won't need to miss out on posting it. You can decide to delegate your social media management to great social media managers.

4. Create a blog

Blogs are very useful these days because it helps you improve different aspects of your online business. First, customers can read your views and you can stand out as industry leaders. Second, you will also improve SEO for the website drastically. You can include links to your products in your blog posts and drive traffic to your products.

Thinking about what kind of content your blog will have is a very important task. Only the right content will help you capture the type of user you need to increase the sales of your online store.

In the same way that you have created a content calendar for your social networks, you must also create a calendar for your blog.

A content calendar is very important to know what and when you have to publish each post. It is essential to be able to create a coherent and meaningful content strategy.

5. Capture subscribers for your blog

"Money is on the list", is something that we have repeated many times. And it's true. Your list of subscribers is very important because it is made up of a profile of people who intend to buy. 

Start a strategy to get your users to subscribe. Think of email marketing as the order of the day, and as a sales opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

Do you want to know how to get more subscribers? You can do it by giving away Lead Magnets, offering exclusive free products and creating contests.

6. Create an email marketing campaign

Once you start to increase your list of subscribers, it will be time to take the step and make use of email marketing. You should create newsletters that add value to users. Why? Well, because if you only make newsletters designed to promote your products, many of your subscribers could get tired and leave your list. And this is something you do not want, right?

Create content that meets your needs, that entertains and that is useful. You will see that with a good email marketing campaign the sales of your online store will grow drastically.

7. Write guest posts in other media or forums

If you want to increase the sales of your online store, we recommend that you start writing guest posts in other media. Writing articles as a guest on other blogs will get several things. First of all: links. And yes, you know that if you want to climb Google or gain authority, you need to be linked. And this is what you get precisely by making guest posts.

Another advantage of writing guest posts is that your traffic will increase. If you write in a blog that has more traffic than your website, it will bring you (in addition to links), traffic. And having traffic you know, is essential to increase the sales of your eCommerce.


There you have it, 7 key steps you can take today and begin to make good sales on your online store in india or anywhere in the world.

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