How To Use The Potential of Social Media To Effectively Market Your Online Store

In eCommerce, social media is a very powerful tool. It is the process of using social media networks to interact with potential customers that will help increase the traffic of your website. Without the social media, most online stores will be dormant. This is because it is the fastest means of reaching out to millions of people across the globe without booking a plane ticket.

Social media is the most popular means of generating traffic in eCommerce business. If you want a lot of people to know what you are selling, put it online. Social media marketing can be used through paid and unpaid means. Examples of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, there are various unpopular social media that you can still find customers on.

If you want to use the social media to market your brand, you need to use the right media to get the right customers. The media you will use will depend on what you sell and who you want to sell to. The social media can only yield positive results in eCommerce if they are used effectively. It increases sales for those who use in it the right way. 

After establishing the fact that the social media is a major tool in eCommerce, it is necessary for us to describe how it really works for online store. This article aims to help online store owners generate more traffic through the social media.

How to use the social media marketing to develop your online store

1. Micro Content Creation

Words are efficient tools which can convince or confuse people, depending on how they are used. The cogent fact about this century is this; many people are active users of the social media. People scroll through the media from the comfort of their homes, in between work at their offices, in the place of prayer and even on the road. One way or the other, people are always online chatting, or simply searching for something.

In their quest to find something interesting online, they are not willing to go through the stress of reading long contents. This would bore them especially when they simply do not have much time on their hands. As such, the smart move online store owners should make is to use pictures to advertise their products as well as write very short but captivating content about the products on social media. 

2. Use #hashtags

Hashtags make it very easy to identify trendy trends on social media. They make it easy to join an online discussion especially via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On Twitter, posts which have one well-placed hashtag generate more interaction than tweets with multiple hashtags.

On Instagram, Posts with multiple hashtags attract more attention.

On Facebook, hashtags are really not necessary before you can attract a crowd of people.

The knowledge of this difference can help you use different social media in the right way. If you have an online clothing store, it would do you a lot of good if you follow trending events online via their hashtags. Contribute to ongoing interactions under the hashtag in a subtle but natural way. By doing this, you can market your store as a good place for people to get exotic cloths to wear to the event. 

3. Correlate your posts with trending topics

This is a very simple logic to adopt. You simply should not be talking about coke when everyone is talking about burger. To avoid making this mistake, you need to pay close attention to trending hashtags and what the conversations are about. Once you have a good knowledge of this, you can borrow words from it, align the words with your own advertisement, make it blend in and then post. That way, people will be more attracted to what you have to sell.

4. Use a Catchy Social Profile

Some people judge others with what their profile looks like. They believe that your profile describes who you are. Social profiles are a must see for majority of social media users.

If you want your products to be noticed quickly, use a catchy social profile. You could use an attractive banner or picture of a product as your display picture. It should be something that will make people wants to go a step further into checking out everything on your page. Beautiful things attract people to dig deeper in the search for more treasures. So, use this age long online business strategy to boost your site’s traffic.

5. Make Post Sharing Easy

It is not enough for you to simply share your posts on your online store. You need to advance further by making it easy for you to be able to share the posts on various social media platforms. This will save you the stress of writing, sharing and re-writing on every social media platforms. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provides this mechanism too which makes it easier for people to be able to help share your contents on their timelines, in order to reach a wider population of users.

You can use apps like AddThis to be able to use this share options conveniently via social media.

6. Twitter Chat Hosting

Hosting or co-hosting twitter chats will help you interact with more online audience. If you co-host, you can easily tap into existing audience and flow with the conversation. If you decide to host, you will have to promote your hashtag properly in a bid to get maximum attention from people online.

In this case, you are not just following the trend, you start the trend. You will begin the conversation and encourage people to use your hashtag in between their tweets. As time goes by, more people will join the trend and you would be able to successfully market your brand.

7. Shopping on Instagram

Although, it is not always easy to link your online store to your Instagram page, there are other ways to work around it. One of such ways is to post pictures of products on your Instagram page and stories. You could even do a short video clip of the products via Instagram. Also, you can include the link to your online store on your Instagram bio space. 

By doing this, people will get to see what you have and even slide into your direct message (dm) to shop. Selling does not have to be limited to your online store alone. 

8. Open a Facebook Page

Having a Facebook page isn’t a bad idea to market your product. When you create your own page, send invites to people to like your page, they will always get notifications when you post anything. This will help you get your own audience without infringing into any person’s page.

In the world of business, it is necessary to use money to make money. As such, paying a few dollars to Facebook to help you reach a larger audience is also a beneficial thing to do to boost your traffic.


There are various ways to use the social media to market your online store. This can only work if you stay consistent. You cannot make a post today and wait for two weeks before you make another. If you do this, your audience might lose interest in what you are offering. As such, frequent use of the social media is the true key to getting more traffic for your online store.   


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