Little Known Facts About Online Shopping And Why They Matter

Most facts are fun, it is good to learn about facts, and they increase awareness and make us exposed to incredible matters. Online shopping as already known is eCommerce (electronic commerce) that allows consumers of a product to buy product and services directly from a seller over the internet through usage of a web browser of mobile apps. The most prominent amongst them are Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. For knowledge and implementation of online shopping strategies, these are the classified facts that mostly matters and will surely be of great benefit:

  1. Good deal of an online product makes sales sell: a report says if left products in the shopping carts are lowered in price, 54% of online shoppers said they will re-purchase. This is because it was put in the cart at the first place because it was wanted but dropped as a result of high cost price. 



  1. Simplicity matters in online shopping: As many as 23% of online shoppers are ready to and will neglect their products and services if they have to create new user account. 



  1. Be careful of slow online stores: when eCommerce site takes as much as 3 seconds to load a page, 57% of visitors will move to another site rather than waiting. It is expected that slowness in the loading of an online means slowness in loading of sales too.



  1. Using videos in advertizing helps a lot: putting up a very good demo of one’s services and product is matters too, it may improve shopping experience many times because within short time, you can easily decide your interest about a product.



  1. Social media presense:  When an online store is always available on its social account, it help to increase the average up to 32%. Businesses with more online availability are generally more trusted by the consumers. It makes the consumer feel comfortable and secured about the store. It is a natural way of convincing consumers about your responsibility.




General online shopping facts

In 2015, the worldwide money spent on online shopping platforms reached approximately 4.7Billion dollars. Yes!

The Black Friday; a day online products drop in price, the U.S online shoppers spent 5 Billion dollars online in 2017 Black Friday.

For every 4 in 10 purchases, just online channel is used for the purchasing process.

When there is a dissatisfaction of product bought online, 32% of online shopper informs their family and friends about the product.

Up to 95% of Americans have made purchases using online stores during their lifetime.

 There is increase in growth of online shopping 23% year-over-year, despite the fact that American small businesses that do not have online store is up to 46%

Many Americans spend more than 60% of their shopping budget in-store, and 36% online. At least three-quarters of these online shoppers prefer the product to be shipped that same day!

Shopping carts abandonment facts 

Online shoppers ignore their shopping carts more than 60% of the time.

Online store owners may lose not less than $3 billion a year if the average shopping carts abandonments’ rate remains at 68%.

Base on PayPal survey, it was reported that 43% shoppers that abandon their shopping carts was as a result of high shipping charges.

56% of online shoppers said that another reason they leave purchase without completing it is because of unexpected price of a product.

Between the years 2015-2017, the word average online shopping carts abandonment rate escalated from 71.38% to 77.24% .

Social media online shopping facts

Online shares with photos and posts get 53% more likes, 84% more click-through rate, and 104% greater comments.

According to Buffer, 2019, more than 70% of marketers believe that their efforts using social media marketing have been “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for their markets.

The Emars, 2019 reported social media statistics from 2019 to be 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and it is ever-increasing. That equates around 42% of the world present population.

The leading social media is Facebook, it has up to 2.32 billion users that are active (users that have logged in their Facebook account during the last 30days.

30% online shoppers say they would be likely to buy products from a social media like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

80% characters’ post or even lesser perform better, with 66% higher engagement than post with more characters.

There are 500,000+ businesses that make use of Instagram as an online shop advertising forum.

Text and Voice search online shopping facts 

More than 20% of searches done on Google are voice searches using the Google map.

Smartphone users are likely to purchase from eCommerce sites that give replies to their questions and problems.

10% of shoppers online have used a voice home assistant at some point in time to make purchases.

Technological online shopping facts

In 2017, the mobile online shopping reached revenue of $700 billion; a growth that is more than 250% over the past four years.

Up to 60% of individuals that owns a virtual assistant have used it to make buy a product using the voice command option.

It was predicted that in 2021, brands that redesign and renovate their eCommerce website to aid voice and visual search will increase the revenue of online shopping by 30%

Voice and image enabled search will make up 50% of all searches by 2020. 

Why they matter? 

Online shopping statistical facts allow you to have deeper insights that are important in guiding your online shopping marketing strategies, techniques, and plans. Those researched figures are effective tools if used properly, to alter and improve our marketing actions for sales generation. Utilize the facts so as to better serve your customers.

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