What To Do If Your Online Store Is Getting Traffic But Very Few Sales?

This article is for those who start selling online. Who have their own online store, but there are no sales. You have created an online store website and it seems that you can now make money, but for some reason, there are no sales or they are, but not in the amount you expected. This situation strongly demotivizes and causes the need to understand the causes of its occurrence.

The secret is that buyers, in the modern world, often buy not the best goods, but goods or services around which an effective system of sales and customer retention is built.


Incorrectly configured advertising campaigns 

What is the problem? The main mistakes that occur when setting up paid advertising, for those who start selling online:

  • Advertising leads to an untargeted page.
  • The recipient is not configured correctly.
  • Advertising is shown to the wrong target audience.
  • Ineffective keywords or audience selection criteria are not deleted.
  • Do not use negative keywords in your advertising campaigns.
  • Ads do not match your keywords or targeting criteria.
  • Advertising competitors is not analyzed.
  • The advertising budget is not planned.
  • Advertising does not use tags.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising is not carried out.

All this leads to inefficient use of funds allocated for advertising and causes disappointment in its use. How to check? The effectiveness of any advertising campaign can be tracked to the level of the ad, keyword, targeting conditions in WEB-analytic systems and in the service interfaces for creating advertising campaigns. Low conversion, high cost of achieving the target action, high failure rate - all these signals to analyze the settings of advertising and site pages. What to do? Constantly analyze the statistics of advertising campaigns: how many visitors came to each of the campaigns for each of the keywords? How much does it cost to attract a visitor? What is the cost of the targeted action, online order or call? Are your advertising campaigns profitable for you? Make changes to your campaign settings based on the analysis results. What is the problem?

Often the reason for the lack of sales in the online business store because of technical errors on the site. Buyers cannot place an order and leave for competitors.

Unfortunately, on the websites of shops there can be quite a lot of technical problems:

  • Broken links;
  • Errors in the site code when performing typical actions under heavy load;
  • Errors of displaying pages and working out functionality in different browsers, on different operating systems and on various devices.

If you find errors, you must immediately remove them. You can do this either yourself or with the help of a programmer, if it's a technical matter. After correcting the shortcomings, do not stop making "control purchases" on a regular basis to make sure the site is working correctly. Also, do similar checks every time after making major changes, for example, hosting reconfiguration or code works.

Do not forget to check the sales funnel and experiment with the site functionality to increase sales. Even a slight change in your opinion can cause a significant increase in sales.


Mandatory registration fields when placing an order

What is the problem? Often there is a situation when for registration of the order it is necessary to pass a mandatory registration on the online business store. This causes irritation among buyers. If the client does not want to go through the registration process, he will simply leave the online store, and you will be left without an order. How to check? To check the convenience of placing an order, try to do it yourself. If for this you have to undergo the registration procedure, then this is a serious reason to think about changing the logic of registration of orders. 


Substandard illustrations, no illustrations, very poor description of goods
What is the problem?
Visitors coming to the sites of online stores, expect to see detailed descriptions of goods and quality illustrations. Imagine their disappointment when coming to the store reveals that they cannot get the information necessary to make a purchasing decision. Modern consumers are fastidious enough, therefore for their retention the qualitative content is required.
In addition, the pages of products without descriptions are poorly ranked by search engines.
How to check? Verification is very simple: you need to go through the pages of your store and objectively assess whether the pages of the goods are informative and useful when making a choice by potential buyers. After that, you can go to the sites of competitors and see their content.
Also you can ask friends or relatives to visit your online store. They can give some useful tips on how to improve the presentation of goods.
If, after checking the site, you understand that the descriptions need changes, then they can be done independently or with the help of specialists. For help in writing descriptions of quality and texts, you can refer to copywriters. Professionals will help you write good texts that both people and search engines like.

If you decide to write descriptions, try to find the advantages of each product. As for the illustrations, you can hire a photographer. This will make high-quality photos of your products from different angles so that buyers can view all the details. If you want and the opportunity, you can record video instructions on using the goods. This will allow customers to see them "live" and get more complete information about their properties.


I hope these tips will help you increase sales!

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