10 Super Useful Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Experience

Once you are able to successfully get your website online, the next important step is to ensure that you have a repeat customer. You have to focus on increasing the traffic to your website, and then make the audience stay and shop and buy your products. 

Underneath are 10 useful tips to improve your e-commerce experience: 

1. Smart Product Search 

Customers generally don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect items. There are three types of customers in general; People who already know what they are looking for, people who are browsing your e-commerce website, and people who need assistance filtering the product. 

People who already know what they are looking for will go directly to the product search bar. It is important to incorporate autocomplete in the search bar so your website can assist the customer in picking the product when they do not know the complete name of it. 

For people who are browsing your e-commerce website, you would want to assist them by incorporating a wide variety of search parameters, examples according to brand, color, type of product, etc. 

Search parameters based on product features are very useful for people who need assistance in filtering the product. These type of consumers needs your assistance in browsing for what they wanted. 


2. Simplify Checkout Experience

People in general appreciate uncomplicated online transactions. A lot of online businesses do not give customers exactly that. There are a couple of ways you can do it: 

Shopping cart view 

While customers shop around, shopping carts must be clearly and easily accessible at any check out process. A window pop up can be very useful in this case, to assist customers who would like an item. 

Include price and fees on the shopping cart

All the prices and fees that are going to be levied to the customer have to be included in the check out process. Do not leave the customer feeling that they have been taken advantage of. 

Recommended products 

Include a pop up where you can recommend your customer's complementary variety of the items that they choosed before they check out. This way, you can increase the sale potential. 

Wide variety of payment mode

It is important for your site to include a wide range of payment modes. With PayPal on the rise, you might one to include it as one of the payment options as well. Research shows that the more you make it easy for customers by enabling a wide variety of payment options, the more they will be loyal to you. If there is a mode of payment that you do not support, ensure that you include an explanation of why you are supporting that mode of payment. 


3. Amazing Customer Service 

Having a good customer service is essential for your website. Ensure that you have FAQ questions in your website, and include a simple, understandable pieces of information. Simply by putting your phone number and email for your customer will make a difference. 

Ensure that you also provide customer support in case of your product breaking or going wrong. A customer with an unhappy product is more emotional than a customer with a good product. Utilize this customer experience to turn an upset customer into a loyal one. 


4. Eye-caching Web Design 

In an era where your customers can access your website not only from a PC but also from any other device, it is of utmost importance for you to be able to have a responsive web design that could fit and retain its interface in all of the device. 

Research conducted stated that most of the e-commerce transaction happens through a mobile device. It is essential for you to include it, or otherwise, you will lose potential sales. 


5. Curated Bundles 

One of the ways you can improve the customer’s shopping experience is by curating a bundle of items for them to pick out. This helps customers especially when they are searching for a gift for someone. By doing so, the customers will have thought that they are saving money by having everything that they wanted to be packaged together. 


6. Faster Sign Up  

Ensure that your customer has another option to buy your products instead of forcing them to sign up to your site. One of the reasons why customers are abandoning their cart is that they are being forced by the website to sign up. Not to mention that it is also time-consuming and tedious. 

The simplest way if you still wanted to require the customer to sign up is by including a sign up of option with their facebook or google account. 


7. Professional Photography

Ensure that the photography that you use for your website has a good quality and a high resolution. The reason why it is essential for someone to include a good quality photograph is that online shopping is revolved around just having a look at the product instead of actually holding the piece of product and examining it. 


8. Offer Free Shipping 

By including free shipping, you will be able to boost your sales up as well. Research conducted shows that people would rather abandon their cart if their shipping cost is higher than the cost of the product. On the contrary, when free shipping is included, it can boost up to 30% of the sales. 


9. Social Media Branding 

Sign up on social media and start interacting with your customers there. According to research, 90% of customers will recommend a certain brand after having an interaction with them on social media. 

Simply by liking back a customer’s post can give a “social currency” to their happy customers and makes it easier how your product interact with real customers. This will increase the sense of brand trust. 


10. Customer Reviews 

Even tho a 50:50 chance, ask your customers for a review. Even tho there are bad reviews that are given, it can actually give your customer a sense of trust. A new potential customer reaction to a bad review is not always negative, rather it gives a sense that it is a real product. 

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