Initial Store Setup

We have made it very easy to setup your online store,

The time has gone where it was taking months and weeks to start an eCommerce, now with Shoppiko you will be able to start and launch your online store withing few minutes.

Upon signup your store will be ready with sample data and instantly you can start entering your own produts, change settings/configurations and also able to select the themes, skins and layouts as per your preferences. 

Wow! Thats Blazing Fast!


We have covered most of things which required to get started instantly but there are 3 points which required external services/tools to use for your business so we have simplied their integration as below.

  1. Domain Integration
  2. Payment Gateway Integration
  3. Shipping/Logistic Setup

At Shoppiko we believe in giving full-freedom to our client's to choose their preferred Domain Provider, Payment Gateway and Shipping company.

Please follow the simple instructions provided below to launch your store as fast as possible.


Domain Integration

Domain name represents a lot about your business so we recommend to choose the best to match your business and easy for your customers to remember.

To save your time for domain research we like to share the tool to help you do it very efficiently,

Once you finalize the name and its availability, choose the best Domain Name Registrar and complete the purchase, once you done with purchasing the domain you just need to contact our support team to help you with its integration.

If you are familiar with technical things they will send you integration and if you are not than will work it out for you. 

Shoppiko Tip: Before making purchase for Domain, always look for a Promotion/Offer coupon which might help you to save some money.

Payment Gateway Integration


Payment Gateway to help you collect money from your customers. Payment Gateways leaves the hurdle of worrying different things related to transactions and makes it very easy for business owners and their customers to complete transaction very smoothly.

At Shoppiko, we believe in giving you freedom to choose your favorite payment gateway. Once you signup with your payment gateway, you just need to get their credentials and use them into Shoppiko -> Settings -> Payment section. That's it, your Payment Gateway Integration is complete.

Shoppiko Tip : Look for the payment gateway which offers competetive rates and provides multiple payment methods like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts and Popular Wallets.


Shipping/Logistic Setup


We have divided the Shipping/Logistics Setup into two steps,

  1. Signup With Logistic Company
  2. Setup Shipping Charges On Shoppiko


1. Signup With Logistics Company : 

To deliver your products to all over the world or within your product market you need a have external Logistics company to take care of your deliveries. There are many popular logistics company all around the world to help you deliver your products anywhere in the world. You just need to choose the best one, signup with them and get there rates list available delivery network pincodes.

Shoppiko Tip : Always look for the company wide delivery network, best service and affordable delivery rates. 


2. Setup Shipping Charges On Shoppiko :

Once you have shipping rates, now its super easy to setup Shipping Method to how you wants to charge delivery rates to your customers, we have covered all the possible combinations to charge them so you choose the best as your requirements and than its ready go. 

Shipping Charge Options :

  • Free Delivery
  • Fixed Charge
  • Charge Per Item
  • Charge By Weight Total
  • Charge By Order Total

That's It! You are now done with your Shipping Setup.


Initially you might think why you are not making it all automatic but once you understand how it works and its complexity than you will also realize to make it that way.

Shoppiko Promise : Our team is very focused on making this as automatic as possible and keep working on its improvements to make it better and better. In a longer run we will definitely make it fully automatic but for time being we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you need any help in Shipping Setup, our support team is always ready to help you out.