Download Report

Download Report;- Customer can Download Report From Adminside through Report Section.  Customer can apply Datewise Filter and Generate report for Customer/Products/Orders Etc. Report Generated Histroy will add in report Section. 

1. Go to Customer Report Section in Store Admin.

2. Generate and Download the Report


Process for Generate and Download Report:-

--> Go to Store Admin

--> Go to Report

--> Go to Below portion in Report, Click Download Report

--> Click on Generate Report and Apply Date Filter as per data which you wants to download

--> After download the Report.



--> Applied Date and Filter wise data can be downloaded. Date as per product added and selected date as per filterwise works.

--> Data can be downloaded in excel sheet.

--> Generated report addded in Download Reports as a History.

--> Product Uploaded (For Bulk Uploading) sheet which is Different for Product report. 

--> All detail displays for Downloaded Data which are enabled/disabled. Deleted product not displays in report.

**** Download Data which is just keep data and Analysis Purpose and notin any module,  this sheet can be uploaded in Store admin.

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