Image Dimensions

Proper and clearly visible image gives attractive look of Store.

Image size suggestion for Shoppiko Store 

Main slider Banner image should be 1920*640 px for Better visible.

For Ad Banner size 630*250 px.

For product images 500*500px FOR square images and 500*300 for ractangle images.

For Category Images:- 1100*400 px

For Blog Image:- 950*570 px  

Brand Logo/Image:- Any size for Brand but it should be equal size for Logo.

** Keep all size as same for Slider/Latest and Featured products and Blog Images 

For Author Image:- Square Image 150*150 PX

For description Image:- Description Image size can be set as per add dimension.

****Images looks depending on the Layout/module layout (full/box) in Home page module selection also so check and confirm first for layout then add images.

Note:- This is suggestion for attractive looking images, store user can add another size image.

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