Inbuilt Blogging Platform, No more need to create separate blogging website and maintain it separately.

Blog Defines instruction for particular topics and subject. Blog information is helpful for online store


Blog Article:-

Blog Article is a set of instruction in particular Text format in unique subject blog article can add by Article module. In Blog article Author can add related category articles, Author name, Category selection, Featured image for Blog and Comment allows or not.

Shoppiko Blog

Blog Author:-

Blog Author which is a writer of blog content. Author details like description, image, banner Etc can add by blog Author module. Author name requires to select a particular blog.

Shoppiko Blog

Blog Category:-

Blog Category defines that particular Blog Types and Subject. category selection available in Blog Article. Blog category can add from Blog Category Module. The category includes an image, description.

Shoppiko Blog

Blog Comment:-

Blog Comment is a response given by the customer. Blog comment decides, that blog content is helpful or not. You can reply from a particular Blog comment.

Shoppiko Blog

Key Feature of Blog

--> Multiple Blog and Blog categories can be added.

--> Blog can be added as Related Blog in Particular Blog

--> Blog Comment can be enabled and disabled in Blog

--> Blog Category displays in right side of the Blog section.

--> Blog Author Name added and displays below Blog Title

--> Blog can be added in Featured and Popular, which displays in Right side of blog section

--> Reply for Blog comment is available

--> Blog displays which depend on Layout selection.