Reward Points

Loyalty Points for your customers to reward them for repeat purchases on your store.

Add Reward points from Admin side We have developed Reward Point System to help you increase your customer loyalty and retention rate by offering promotional reward points to your customers.

Key Features of Reward Points:- 

--> Attract Customers to earn reward points with Shopping.

--> SetUp Promotions based on Reward Points

--> Promote Reward Point with your own name like Loyelty Points or Your Store Name Points.

--> Customize Conversion Rate Reward Points to Currency.

--> Setup Minimum Usage Limit

--> Customers can easily use reward point at checkout

--> Customer will get all the details about reward points they have earned and used.

--.> One click enabled/disabled of Reward Point System

How to Setup Reward Points

1. Add Reward points from Admin side setting.

    --> Enabled Status for Reward

    --> Add Title which you want to displays for Reward.

    --> The Reward Point Rate displays the amount which you want to set 1 Point.

    --> Add checkout minimum Balance. Through set minimum balance the customer can not apply reward points if cart amount not reached minimum balance.

2. Set Reward Points in Offers.

--> In offer section, the reward points can be set and get benefits of apply coupon code or Automatic.

3. In Customer Information, the Store Owner can set and add Reward Points for particular Customer.


How it will work for Customer

1. Reward Points in Front Store

 --> Login customer account, you see the Reward points which added in account.

2. Add Products in Cart and Apply Reward Points.