Store Front

Professionally Designed Beautiful & User Friendly store front for your customers to shop online on your website.

Shoppiko Store Front

In Front Store user can show the modules and information which are added by Admin Panel in Home Page Builder. Front side home page defines header, footer, product, category, strip, Blog, Banner, Home page Banner Etc. 

Header:- Header Defines heading part of home page. In header the basic contact information, cart and wishlist, search box, category and sub categories Etc displays.

Home Page Banner:- The banner which includes in home page slider.

Banner:- Small Banners which displays ads/promotions/schemes/discount offers Etc.

Strip:- Strip in front side looks attractive and helps to give small information like help line no, email Etc.

Product Slider:- Home page product slider, which defines and products which added in slider.  User can add in their latest/Featured/Upcoming products. You can add One banner in before and after the Product Slider, And choose products in slider also. Particular link and Text Button Can be added in Product Slider Banner and Redirect it.

Trending Categories:- Trending Category helps to move directly particular category.

Brands:- Store Visitor can choose and buy products of particular brand from home page brand module.

Testimonial:- In Testimonial displays Experience/Review of customer. In testimonial part displays author name and photo also.

News/Blogs:- In Home page Blog/News displays in Blog module. Blog/News displays as per blog/News selection in home page module.

Footer Section:- Footer section which defines footer or Ending part of View Store Home page. In Footer section, general information like about us/help/policy/FAQs Etc pages displays. Contact information,social media and Copyright is  important to displays in Footer Section.

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