Inbuilt Marketing System to help you attract your customers with wide range of promotion options.

Online marketing Tools provides one way to connect directly to the customer and promote also.

Shoppiko Marketing activities manage by 3 ways (1.) Product discount (2.) Coupon Code (3.) User List  

In Offer section you can add and update product discount and Coupon Code

Offer Section:-

Attractive and affordable product discounts are major effects for Store marketing. Customer appreciated by schemes and discount. Multiple discount offers can be added and suggest more useful features of product

Coupon Code and Automatic Offer:-

You can add coupon codes in shoppiko store and add in prticular product, categories or whole store. Apply coupon code and get more discount. coupon can be generated by Falt value/percentage Etc. Set minimum amount for coupon apply, amd get benefits for more order and selling.

User can select Automatic offer type and add automatic discount title. 

Coupon Code and Automatic Coupon Code and AutomaticRegistered User and Customer list is very helpful to Marketing, Sent message directly to customer registration and purchase product.

Gift Voucher:-

Gift Voucher is Available to add in store. You can add and Share Gift Vouchers to Your Friends. Gift Voucher is an electronic gift card, which contains a gift code assigned by the Customers and Store owners.

Process of Gift Voucher:-

In Store Admin

1. In Store Admin, need to enable for Gift Voucher, from Store option setting.

2. Go in Gift Voucher Module, which displays List for Already Created Gift Vouchers.

3. You can also create a Gift Voucher in admin, but Email is not sent for voucher code.

In Front Side

1. Login Customer account and Go to add Gift Voucher and add details in Voucher Form.

2. After place the order for Gift Voucher. The Voucher Code is shared through Email.

3. The customer can use code and Applied Gift Voucher Discount at the time of Order. You can check the History of Voucher in the Customer account. Voucher details added in Account.

4. Same Customer Email Id used in which code already sent, need to be created for customer account otherwise voucher code not apply.

Benefits of Gift Voucher: -

Directly sent discount, Gift.

Increase Sales/Boost Brand Awareness/More Convenient and Secure

Resolve selection issue for Purchase Gift, person can purchase voucher for Friend/Family-member Etc, and they can purchase product by online store

Notes: -

1. Gift Voucher code is only applicable for specific Purchase customer, only in order displays who purchase vouchers for another person.

2. More vouchers can be created for one customer but at that time only one voucher code can apply. At that time only one gift voucher can be purchased, if need more then need to add vouchers and place order one by one manually.

3. If cancelled the order, then Voucher Amount added to a customer account. Cancel order, then Voucher code can be re-used and apply in order also. Front side Customer cannot send request for voucher order placed. Voucher order cancelled form only for admin side without receive any request by the front store. 

4. Specific Voucher code-wise History details customers who use voucher code can see in the customer account.

5. Gift Voucher Code is different from Coupon code, and which is applicable as per admin side set rules.

6. Gift Voucher not displays in Abandoned Cart. Only product added displays in Abandoned Cart.

7. Gift Voucher Code applied in Guest Checkout also, but need to add Same email id in which voucher code already sent. No need to create Customer account for use Gift Voucher.