Collect Testimonials and share them on your store to help your customers get confidence and boost your conversions.

A testimonial is a written clarifying of customer satisfaction and experience of online shopping or product/service usage. 


Customer testimonial can be added by Testimonial Module in shoppiko. Add author details like photo, Name & Description. For displays Testimonial in the home page, select and add a module in the home page of Testimonial, add and enable it. User can display more testimonial in sliding view.

Testimonial Setting:- 

--> First you need to enable Testimonial From Customer Testimonial Settings.,

--> So, enable and adjust for auto approve or not.

Home Page Testimonial:- 

For home Page testimonial displays Like below image:- 

Front Side Testimonial Module:- 

Front Side Testimonial Module Displays Like Below Image:- 

Key Feature for Testimonial:-

--> More Testimonial can be added.

--> Customer image can be added in testimonial

--> Date added and Author Name displays Both side in Testimonial Module and in Home Page Module also

--> For Testimonial you can adjust by Setting for Enable/Disable and for Auto Approve or not.

--> Testimonials can be added from both side, admin and Front side both.