Shipping Options

Smart Shipping Options to customize the way your business requires.

Shipping options are defines to Standards of shipping method.

Shipping Zone:-

Shipping Zone can be added from admin settings of shipping. With Zone rate can be decided as per product price/quantity/Flat rate Etc.

You can integrate shipping providers also, like Fedex/Delhivery/Shyplite.


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GEO Zone:-

User can add from Geo Zones module and add the zone for shipping, which is based on customer address.

Key Features of GEO Zone:- 

--> We can create GEO Zone, as per Country/State/Pin code wise.

--> Multiple GEO Zone can create and apply in the store.

--> Specific state and pin code also apply in Geo zone.

--> For City, wants to apply GEO Zone for City, then needs to enter the whole city's Pin code. Just enter the pin code and press Tab or enter and then save your Geo zone added

--> Add any one State or pin code in Geo Zone, if wants to apply specific state or city

--> GEO Zone can not delete, you can disable or rename any time.

--> Make sure, that created GEO zone, should be selected in shipping/TAX/and Payment settings then will apply.



Shipping Providers:-

--> You can integrate Shipping Provider, also. If you want to integrate shipping partner, then just enable and add details of shipping provider. 

--> You can adjust Commission/Origin-Pincode/Delivery Pincode Shipping Charge/Packaging Multiplier For Same Product Etc all these things. Price canculation based on added and selected all these things.

Key Features of Shipping Options:-

--> For add shipping option is selected through Store Admin Settings.

--> Shipping Zone and rules should be selected for shipping option.

--> Select GEO Zone for add Shipping Options.

--> Zone can be changed and also Enabled and disabled as per requirement.

--> Shipping Amount should be selected as per minimum and maximum order price or Free shipping.

--> You can apply, shipping rate based on weight/height/length also in the Shipping Providers.

--> The shipping rate will be calculated based on dimension added in the product and selected in the setting