Users system to manage your store smoothly, you can restrict users for accessing specific divisions.

User can manage and modify store in the unavailability of Store Owner. All the information is saved and Update in User Module for Store User.

Multiple store user can assign, which helps to define and manage the activity of Store

User group is requires and assign Permission for particular user. Select permission which you want to restrict to modify for user and update user Group.

Key Features for Shoppiko Admin User

--> Shoppiko User is a Store Admin User.

--> User which can maintain and manage Store data.

--> Multiple user can assign and Update the store

--> User can be selected in user Group.

--> Limitations for store access can be assigned for particular user.

--> Another user can work and Edit the store details.

--> Restrictions of store module can be available for particular user.

--> Multiple user can be selected same group and another group also.