Store Settings

Store Settings to help you manage your store the way you wanted.

Through Store setting which manage whole store functionality and set information regarding shipping, payment Etc. 

Default store setting, user can add and update for store details, Contact Details, Localization, Business Details Etc.

In store Notifications notified email, mail and SMS alert for New Order, New customer signup Mail Alert and review alert, contact mail alert Etc set by Store Notification.

In Store Integration the Social Media and chat Regarding information can add. Add social media link which displays front store and add chat script which will display in chat option form front store. Notifications:- From Notifications setting option the Customer and Store Notifications set by user.Customer notification displays in Email and Sms, So email and SMS edited by this module.

Emergency Settings are useful when any emergency to stop or notify the store services. 3 types of Emergency Settings are available to add as per user requirement.

Maintenance:- If you have requires to more updation in store and takes more time for Updates, then you can select Enable status for store Maintenance. And also add message like "Store is Under Maintenance"

Store Alert:- If user wants to give some alertness like offer, coming soon product Etc can be set by Store Alert.  Which displays On the top side of Front Store.

Checkout Stop Ordering:-  If user wants to Stop Order form Store, then keep enable status and add message for checkout and Stop Ordering.

All the fields title set by Title settings. common store Title, Product Title, Footer Title, Checkout Titles,  Add to cart Message title Etc can be add by title Settings.

Through Reward & Wallet Settings, user can add reward points and set minimum balance of wallet. Which displays in front customer profile.

Select payment options from payment setting module. Choose your payment providers and add time zone and other details in it.

From shipping options shipping address and Zones can select. Shipping method displays in cart. Various kind of shipping methods can includes Ex. Weight based shipping, Quantity based shipping Etc.

Define and add TAX for store through TAX Settings. Add TAX Name, Description, Add GEO Zone, Rate ETC and Update TAX. Select TAX Class in particular product which you want to add. TAX automatically calculated in Shopping Cart.

Store Options Setting 

Customer Sign Up:- From Store Option setting Customer signup Terms and Price Restrictions enabled and disabled, Display Single Shipping Method, Selection of Address Field during customer sign Up which Status can be change.

Customer Fields:- From Customer Field, you can check/Uncheck the checkbox and enable and disable for the Fields like Birthday/Anniversary/Gender/GST Number/Company Etc. Need to Both side check the checkbox, if wants to apply Admin and Displays Front Store


Stocks:- Stock Maintain and displays stocks status.  Order Status user can keep order status for default, complete and cancel the order status. 

Order Status:- All types of order setup can be managed by Order status. Like order default, complete, cancelled and cancelled restrict, request & approve stauts can be set by Order status

Reviews and Testimonials:- User can be Enabled and Disabled Review, Auto Approve Review and Testimonial status.

Checkout:- In Checkout Regarding setting you can select for Order Comment/Guest Checkout/Offer or Coupon in Checkout/Tax Calculation Status /Stop Ordering Status and Message Etc.

Return:- Through Return Product option, You can enable for return and set the Rules from Dropdown selection of Return. Keep yes for allow return and then set the rule.

Guest Checkout:-

Guest Checkout to help future customers to complete their ordering super fast, without even worrying about creating an account and remember passwords and all.

Benefits :-

- Faster ordering experience

- No need to create an account

- No need to remember password or reset the forgotten password

Limitations :-

- Guest checkout customers won't be able to access their past orders

- They need to repeat entering their address and other details all the time

It is always better to have account and all past history connected with it to give them best services and support but now a days its getting popular so we need to make it available as an option.