When a customer goes through checkout, the information on their order is automatically transferred to the Orders section for you to keep track of.

Shoppiko Admin provides full Order management facility. Order displays in Order tab and you can Generate invoice/sent order history from order. Also add and Update Order status for particular order. Easy to find Order details through search box.

Finding and searching Order available through Order Id/customer name/Total Amount/Payment Method, and you can check order by status also.

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Order Info Provides full information of Order Information. Order Status/Customer info/Payment and Shipping Options are defined in Order Info. You can generate Invoice no for particular Order invoice and print or download it. You can add Order History and notify through Email by Customer.

Order status defines your order Complete/Pending/Processing  Etc. Order Status can sent directly to customer's account when update through admin side.

For Order invoice check order tab and click on shipping icon in Store Admin, it will redirect invoice. Invoice sent directly to the customer once order generated

Key Features Orders:- 

--> Full order details displays in Order Module in Admin Side.

--> Send order status, invoice,  message Etc possible through Admin Panel

--> Order If Generated and wich will displays in Invoice also.

--> Full order Report displays available to displays in Order report.

--> Payment and Shipping Method and amount displays in Order.

--> Message and Email receive once order performed.

--> Order History displays in Customer account.

--> Order Id Generated once order performed.

--> Customer can sent Request for cancel Order.