Smart Modules to help you promote your store your way and attract more customers to order. 

Useful Modules of Home Page Design, which can be added from home page builder. 

Modules helps to design home page. Full informative module will positive effect of store, because it defines look of Store Home Page.

Modules includes in Home Page Builder. Main Home page Slider, Product Slider, Banners, Testimonial, Blogs, Brand, Smart Banner, Strip, Subscriber popup Etc modules user can add in Shoppiko Home Page Builder.

Shoppiko Provides Home page Builder Facility to design home page. Easy to add and Edit for Homepage Builder.Shoppiko Provides Modules which is useful to design homepage. You can add and update many more times as per your  requirement.

Slider:- Slider displays in home page slider. Attractive and same size images should be taken and add for slider.

Banner:- For Banner, You can add Ad banner or any other banner.

Product:- Product module defines profile, Best selling/Trending/Latest/Featured Products should be Added in product module. You can define for Product Type in Product Slider and Select as a Latest /Manual/Tagwise/CategoryWise/Brand Wise Products.  For Banner image You can choose Banner of You want to displays. (For Banner Image you can displays Particular Offer Banner or add Banner for Discounted products/Categories/Brands Etc.). You can select Banner Position. The Banner Title and Another Text can be added for Product Slider Banner. Banner Button Link and Button Text is available for Add in this module, which displays on Banner. 

Brands:- Product Brands defines in Brand module. Add brand in particular product also which displays product after  clicking brand.

Blog:- Blog can be added in blog Module. Add Author name, blog Category, Blog Article. And choose the blog which you  want to displays in Home page.

Testimonial:- Add Testimonial module and Select testimonial  which already have added.

Strip:- In Strip displays Icon,Title and Text. Set strip in Home page which look Nice.

Category:- For Category displays as Trending Category in Home page. Add category module and also add in banner which  displays in Category. Any user want to redirect particular category from this module.

Smart Banner:- From Smart Banner Module You Set Banners in Multiple Raws and Column wise. Particular Column and Raw will be edited and deleted. You can selected nested raws and columns. Multiple Raws and columns can be added in This Module and selected as per your requirements. You can add Banner Effect for Hover and Fix Hover in It. You can add banner link and also Banner Class if you have CSS Knowledge. It is different form Banner and slider module. In Slider and Banner, visible on horizontal view for slider and not included in Content also. But Smart module you can add content and Effect Also.

Subscribe:- Through Subscriber module, Store visitor can subscribe. Choose module and add details for this module. User can Select Fix or Pop UP for Subscriber. Also choose banner position.

Recent Product:- Through Recent product module, displays recently added products. 

Key Features of Modules:- 

--> In Module section you can choose and add any module which displays in Home page.

--> You can assign any number for module and put particular location in Homepage.

--> Make sure that the module which is added, is Enabled or Not. Otherwise the module not displays in Front store.

--> All module you can choose many times and add in store.

--> Assign sort order for module, which defines the module which you can keep first and last.

--> Make sure that in product, category, Blog, Brand, Testimonial Etc, modules the all information regarding specific module is proper entered or not and Enabled or not otherwise not displays while searching in particular module.

--> First add all information and Then design Home page.So it is easy to select.